Monday, June 18, 2018


Switch Site Dr Olga Magdalena-Lazin Andrei's Blog Free domain with a plan UPGRADE View Site Stats Highest hourly views 2 Plan Free Manage Site Pages Add Blog Posts Add Media Add Comments Feedback Add Personalize Customize Themes Configure Sharing People Add Plugins Domains Add Settings WP Admin Back Use My Own Domain Back Let's get ready to transfer. Log into your current domain provider to complete a few preliminary steps. 1 Unlock the domain. Your domain is locked to prevent unauthorized transfers. You'll need to unlock it at your current domain provider before we can move it. Here are instructions for unlocking it. It might take a few minutes for any changes to take effect. I've unlocked my domain Locked 2 Get a domain authorization code. Note: These changes can take some time to take effect. Need help? Get in touch with one of our Happiness Engineers. Continue
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