Wednesday, June 27, 2018


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ACX Audio Submission Requirements
Create top-quality audiobooks, and maximize your sales potential by providing the best overall listening experience.

Audiobooks uploaded to ACX must adhere to the following requirements. The ACX Quality Assurance team may reject titles that do not meet these standards, and their retail release may be delayed. The following requirements help ensure customers get a great listen.

Your submitted audiobook must:
be consistent in overall sound and formatting
include opening and closing credits
be comprised of all mono or all stereo files
include a retail audio sample that is between one and five minutes long
Each uploaded audio file must:
contain only one chapter/section per file, with the section header read aloud
have a running time no longer than 120 minutes
have room tone at the beginning and end and be free of extraneous sounds
measure between -23dB and -18dB RMS and have -3dB peak values and a maximum -60dB noise floor
be a 192kbps or higher MP3, Constant Bit Rate (CBR) at 44.1 kHz
More information on how to meet these requirements can be found below and in our Video Lessons & Resources, and many of the terms used here can be found in our Audio Terminology Glossary.

Your submitted audiobook must be consistent in overall sound and formatting.
Consistency in audio levels, tone, noise level, spacing, and pronunciation gives the listener an enjoyable experience. Drastic changes can be jarring to the listener and are not reflective of a professional production. This distracts from the listening experience and may lead to poor reviews and reduced sales.

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Each uploaded file must be free of extraneous sounds such as plosives, mic pops, mouse clicks, excessive mouth noise, and outtakes.
Extraneous sounds can distract listeners from the story, and outtakes sound unprofessional. Each can elicit bad reviews and bad reviews can hurt sales.

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Your audiobook must include opening and closing credits that match the title's cover art.
At minimum, the opening credits must note the name of the audiobook, the name of the author(s), and the name of the narrator(s). Closing credits must, at minimum, state "the end".

Opening Credits Minimum Requirements
"[title of audiobook]"
"(subtitle if applicable)"
Written by [name of author]
Narrated by [name of narrator] Closing Credits Minimum Requirements
The End
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