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Want to Narrate Your Own Book?

There are very good reasons to do so…
It's your book, so your voice tells it best. You know your characters, your story or subject, and your words better than anyone else. Narrating is a creative way of expressing your thoughts to listeners, just like articulating them on paper is a way to express yourself to readers.
You keep more revenue. If your book is produced through ACX, you'll either share royalties with a narrator or pay a narrator upfront to perform your audiobook. When you narrate your own book, all of your audiobook's revenue goes to you.
You just might enjoy it! Narrating your own book can be a rewarding, satisfying way to bring the creative process full circle.

Check out examples of authors who've done this.

I'm ready to go. What do I do?
The process for authors narrating their own audiobook on ACX is simple.

Step 1. Make sure your audiobook is ready for upload
If you haven't recorded your book yet (or even if you have), make sure it follows our Audiobook Submission Requirements. As far as recording is concerned, you can use a professional studio, or, if you're willing to put in a little more effort, you can produce your audiobook yourself using your computer and some basic recording equipment. Need help? Watch the short video above for tips, and go here for advice on creating your own home studio.

Step 2. Upload your file
Your audiobook must be fully finished and ready for retail before uploading. If you're ready to upload, log into your ACX account. Click on the blue "Add your Title" link in the upper right hand side of the website. You will then add the metadata for your audiobook (i.e. it will be listed on your product detail page) and begin the upload process. Once you've started that process, you can come back and finish it at any time.

Step 3. Start promoting!
Once the upload of your audiobook is complete, your audiobook will be readied for distribution. You'll want to check out our marketing section for advice on how to begin promoting it to your fans.

US authors will receive a monthly royalty statement and payment from Audible via check or direct deposit, and UK authors will receive payments quarterly by direct deposit to the account of your choice. And, you can track your audiobook's sales on ACX once it's in the store. (Be sure to learn all about how to take advantage of our special $50 Bounty Payment!)

ook Producer?
You can pay the Producer a per-finished-hour rate (Pay For Production), or you can share royalties with them (Royalty Share). Choose how you'd prefer to pay your producer below, but know that you and your producer will negotiate final payment terms at the time the offer is made.

Notes on Paying Your Producer:

Producers tell us they tend to prioritize Pay For Production deals in their production schedules over royalty share deals. If you want your audiobook on sale sooner rather than later, offer a per finished hour rate and agree to a schedule with your Producer that works for both parties.
While a Royalty Share production costs nothing up front, it's not free of costs. We recommend doing some math to determine what giving up 50% of your royalties may mean in the long run.
To learn more about these two options, please check out the What's the Deal? section.
Choose one or both below:*

Royalty Share (50-50 share of royalties earned)
50-50 share of royalties earned. By choosing this method of payment, you will be paid monthly by ACX based on half of royalties earned each time the audiobook sells. This limits your potential revenue, but also limits your risk. Learn more.
Distribution will be EXCLUSIVE distribution on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes™

( 40% royalty ) Why does it have to be exclusive?

Pay for Production
I'll pay: $ Per finished hour
(0.1 hrs @ $0 - $50 hr = $0.00 - $5.00)

What type of distribution do you want?*

Exclusive distribution through Amazon, Audible and iTunes (40% royalty)
If you choose Royalty Share option above, your audiobook must be exclusive to ACX. Under this model, ACX has the exclusive right to distribute the audiobook. If you choose this option, the audiobook cannot be distributed by any entity except ACX in any market or format.Why?

Non-Exclusive distribution (25% royalty)
Your audiobook will be sold through Amazon, Audible and iTunes via ACX, as well as wherever else you choose. Under this model, you can grant distribution rights to parties other than Audible in any market and any format. What's the Deal?

To learn more about these options, please check out What's the Deal?
Save & Continue
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2Choose Payment & Terms of Distribution
3Review & Post

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