Remember, Reiki comes from an unlimited supply and contains the loving wisdom of the highest spiritual power.
There is no limit to the benefit and value that is possible for you to receive from Reiki.
As you try the techniques in this article, intend that they will work for you and know in your heart that this is right and you will get the improved results you seek.

The quality of the energy in the room you do your Reiki treatments in is important if improved results are what you seek.

Make sure the room is not too hot or too cool.
Make sure there is fresh air from an open window or that the room is not stuffy.
A clean and orderly room is also helpful as negative psychic energy tends to collect around disorder and clutter.
Smudge the room with sage before and after a treatment to release any negative energies left by past clients and to act as a blessing.
As you smudge, call in the ancestors and the ascended masters and Reiki guides asking them to bless you and your client and to help you with your healing treatment.
Place pictures of Dr. Usui, Dr. Hayashi, and Mrs. Takata around the room and ask them to be present also.
The use of incense, essential oils or fresh flowers will also act to raise the vibration.
Soothing music during the treatment will help the client move into a more receptive state of mind.

Before the client comes, sit in a meditative state with your hands on your legs doing Reiki on yourself.

Then after a few minutes, use your dominate hand to intently draw the Reiki Power symbol in light on each wall, and on the ceiling and floor.
As you do this state "I bless this room with light" three times for each place.
Then draw the power symbol in the center of the room and send Reiki into the room to fill the room with healing energy.
You can also send distant Reiki to your client while they are on their way to the session so they will be relaxed and in a receptive state when they arrive.
Before starting the treatment, place the power and master symbols on your palm chakras.
This will more completely open the palm chakras and energize them.
Then draw a large power symbol down the front of your body to protect and empower you and draw smaller power symbols on each chakra.
Placing the symbols into the clients crown chakra, and seeing them pass into the clients heart is also valuable before starting as it raises the vibration of the treatment and makes the energy of the symbols more available.
It is an interesting feature of Reiki that when giving a treatment, Reiki will continue to flow regardless of what you do with your mind.
You can talk to others about any subject - including trivial matters, or gossip or even talk on the phone and Reiki will continue to flow and the client will receive some benefit. However, this sort of behavior does not produce the best results with Reiki.
It must be kept in mind that giving Reiki is a spiritual experience and is more appropriately given with reverence.
By meditating on the flow of Reiki as it passes through you, rather than talking, you will not only experience the energy more directly, but will also increase its flow.
As you meditate on the Reiki energy, your mind merges with it and causes your energy field to resonate in greater harmony with the flow of Reiki, thus allowing it to flow more freely.
As you do this, you may feel currents of energy flowing through various parts of your body including your spine, chakras, arms and hands. You may also feel heat, soothing sensations, vibrations, pulsations or waves of energy passing through you.

By using your inner eye, you may also be able to see the Reiki energy.

This may appear as tiny particles of white or golden light, or other colors of energy flowing through you.
As you meditate and merge with these sensations, your mind will be uplifted, becoming more optimistic.
Feelings of joy, peace and spiritual love will be experienced.
Wonderfully positive fantasies and visions of higher spiritual planes can also be experienced.
By going inward and looking up through your crown chakra, it is even possible to psychically travel up to the source of Reiki and merge with it.
All these experiences are very enjoyable and can be deeply healing for the practitioner at the same time that they increase the benefit to the client.
As you meditate on Reiki in this way, you will also be opening the pathways through which Reiki is able to flow, thus increasing the strength of Reiki you are channeling to your client.
This is a very enjoyable way to improve the quality of the Reiki you give.

Adding prayer to your Reiki treatments is also an effective way to increase its strength.

While your are giving a treatment, you can pray out loud or to yourself.
Call on the ascended Reiki masters, or on Jesus, St. Germain, Buddha, Krishna, Babaji, or other ascended masters, angels, or spirit guides, or pray directly to the infinite God/Goddess or to the Reiki energy itself.
As you pray, ask that your Reiki be strengthened and ask it to bless you and your client.
Ask it to bless and guide your Reiki practice and to guide you in increasing its strength and the benefit it provides you and those you treat.
Accept the fact that there is no limit to the value and healing power that is available to you and ask that you be blessed with an abundance of healing, loving spiritual energy so that you will be of greater service to others.
Combine your prayers with the above technique of merging with the energy and feeling it as it flows through you.
By praying as you do Reiki, your prayers will be more powerful because when doing Reiki, you are more directly connected to the higher power which is the source of all answered prayers.
Some Reiki practitioners report that their Reiki seems to have lost some of its power and they wonder why this happens and what can be done to get it back.

It is a fact that when doing Reiki, the practitioner also receives a treatment.

When this happens, sometimes negative energy is loosened and begins to move through the practitioners system on its way out.
This energy can sometimes get stuck temporarily so that ones Reiki tends to work on the practitioner more than flowing to others.
What is needed is for the practitioner to receive a treatment.
This will release the blocked energy and restore the flow of Reiki.
Remember, we need to maintain a balance of Reiki by treating ourselves, giving treatments to others and receiving treatments from others.

Your Reiki can also increase when you take your next level of Reiki training.

The attunement for the next level and the use of the symbol(s) that go with it can definitely improve the quality of your Reiki treatments.
This is regularly reported to occur by most students.
One practitioner reported that his wife was in continuous pain which was only partially and temporally removed with his Reiki II treatments.
After taking the Master training, one treatment using the Master symbol completely released the pain and it didn't return.
Your Reiki can also improve by receiving additional attunements for the same level you already have.
Even though you need only one attunement to have Reiki for the rest of your life, extra attunements for the same level you have will further refine and strengthen your Reiki.
Many Masters will give extra attunements for free or for a low fee.
Sometimes new Masters need people to practice on, go ahead and volunteer.
A group of Masters can practice attunements on each other and strengthen their Reiki at the same time.
Have each Master give the Master attunement to each person in the group.
If you have five Masters, then each will receive four Master attunements and give four.
This can be very powerful.

Chi Gong and Tai Chi are methods of developing your Chi and opening the pathways that Chi or Ki flows through.

The pathways that are opened in these exercises are the same ones that Reiki flows through.
On the average, most people who have practiced this type of moving meditation have stronger Reiki than those who have not.
Find a teacher you feel comfortable with and take up the regular practice of Chi Gong or Tai Chi and not only will it be healthy for you, but your Reiki will also improve.
It is possible to use self-hypnosis and meditation as well as affirmations to improve your Reiki.
Simply enter self-hypnosis or meditation and suggest to yourself that your Reiki is getting stronger and stronger and stronger and it will.
You can also do this while giving a treatment.
Playing the "Chanting Reiki Masters" tape while give a treatment can also improved the value of your Reiki.
The tape was made by 18 Reiki Masters who chanted the names of all four Reiki symbols into a microphone while intending that all who hear the sound will be healed.
Most who play the tape while giving a treatment notice an improvement in the quality of their Reiki.
Placing sacred pictures in your Reiki room when you are doing Reiki can also increase the value of your treatments.
This includes pictures of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna or any other spiritual teacher or great being.
The Beaming Reiki Masters picture in the back of "Reiki, The Healing Touch" will also raise the vibration of your treatments as well as the Antakarana that is given in the Master training.
You can place these cards under your Reiki table or on the wall of your healing room.
These are a few methods of improving the strength of your Reiki. Try them.
Also remember that Reiki has it's own consciousness and by simply intending to find ways to improve the value you pass on to others with your treatments, and by being open to its guidance, the Reiki energy will guide you to additional ways.
Reiki comes from an infinite supply.
There is no limit to the healing power that is available to you.
Focus on love and compassion.
Trust in your inner guidance and take action on it.
You will not be disappointed.

Dave Nelson is the creator of Reiki Infinite Healer. Over the last 4 years Dave and his team have helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their wellbeing, recover from illness, connect with their spiritual selves, and learn to heal with the amazing art of Reiki. Dave is a highly sought after healer and teacher, who's work has impacted the lives, health and relationships of individuals and their families in over 200 different countries.

Starting Your Reiki Practice

Reiki is a truly wonderful gift and while some take Reiki training to use on themselves...
...and with friends and family...
...many feel inspired to share it with a much wider circle.
They want to share it with everyone.
They want to become practitioners through and through.
I started my journey thinking that Reiki was going to be a hobby of mine...
...but it turned into so much more.
I can say from firsthand experience, that the development of a Reiki practice can be a very rewarding experience.
Not only can it provide you with a source of income, there are spiritual experiences that can be much more meaningful.
Here's why...

Intention is the Most Important Thing

The most important thing concerning the development of a Reiki practice is the quality and strength of your intention.
The mind is like a magnet.
The quality and strength of your thoughts will determine the quality and strength of what you attract into your life.
Therefore it is important for you to develop and maintain a positive mental attitude about your Reiki practice.
Decide with clarity, determination and commitment that you are going to create a thriving Reiki practice.
Decide that you are worthy to do this and that there are many people who will benefit from your service.
Decide that the value you and your clients will receive from your Reiki practice will far out weigh any effort or sacrifice that might be involved in creating it.
Picture in your mind the results you want to create and how it will feel when you are actively involved in a thriving Reiki practice.
Meditate frequently on this image and these feelings.
Allow them to fill you up and surround you and reach out to others.
Use this to motivate you and to help you continue on in the face of doubt or discouragement.
Know in your heart that the freedom, joy and satisfaction of having your own Reiki practice is a valid goal and that you are creating it.
Believe in yourself and in your purpose.
If doubts arise about your goal, know that this is normal and assume that they have entered your consciousness because they are passing out of you.
Whenever we take on a new level of healing or commit to a new goal, old negative thoughts and feelings that have been stored inside and have gone unchallenged are dislodged and begin moving through our consciousness.
If your commitment is strong, these old negative feelings and thoughts will break up and be released.
If you feel negative feelings and thoughts come up, know that this is part of your healing and that you are releasing them up to the Higher Power to be healed.
Use your Reiki to speed this up and make sure to ask for treatments from others.
Reiki psychic surgery can be especially helpful.


There are higher sources of help you can call on.
Angels, beings of light and Reiki spirit guides as well as your own enlightened self are available to help you.
They can help you develop your Reiki practice by directing clients to you and assisting with treatments.
They can be of great benefit, but you must have a strong spiritual intention for your work if you are to recruit their aid.
If you are doing Reiki in a selfish way, only for money or to gain control over others or to take on an air of self-importance, or for any other negative purpose, then it will be very difficult for these spiritual beings to work with you.
Reiki wants only the best for you, but you must align with the nature of Reiki if you are to gain the greatest benefit.
The more you can open to the true nature of Reiki which is to have an unselfish heart centered desire to help others, then the more the Reiki spirit guides can help you.
Focus on helping others and on healing anything within yourself that may stand in the way of an uninhibited flow of love and compassion.
This is what will make your Reiki practice a success!
The development of a spiritual attitude toward your Reiki practice can be facilitated through the regular use of affirmations and prayers.
Try the following prayer:
"Guide me and heal me so that I can be of greater service to others."
By sincerely saying a prayer such as this each day, your heart will open and a path will be created to receive the help of higher spiritual beings.
They will guide you in your Reiki practice and in the development of your life purpose.

Competitiveness is Not a Part of Reiki

One thing that can get in the way of developing a spiritual attitude about your Reiki practice is fear of competition.
This has caused more problems and created more restrictions and negative energy in the Reiki community than any other area of misunderstanding. Lack is an illusion and this is especially true for Reiki!
There is a far greater need for healing on the planet than there are Reiki practitioners who can provide it.
Fear of competition goes directly against the nature of Reiki energy and because of this, it can repel people from you who might otherwise be interested in receiving a treatment.
Reiki comes from an unlimited supply and does not fear competition.
People who do Reiki together find that their Reiki gets stronger as more people join the group.
If Reiki was competitive, then just the opposite would happen, it would be strongest when you were alone and get weaker as more people joined the group.
The nature of Reiki energy is one of cooperation.
It understands the concept that we are all one and flows freely to anyone and everyone.
It works in harmony with all other forms of treatment.
It is clearly apparent, the wisdom of Reiki is to welcome all other practitioners as allies.
If the spiritual purpose for your Reiki practice, is to help others and to heal the planet, then you can only rejoice when you hear about another Reiki practitioner in your area as they are helping you fulfill your purpose.
Accept the wisdom of Reiki as your own wisdom, that all others who practice Reiki are helping you.
The more you can do this, the more your Reiki practice will thrive.
Don't worry about taking clients away from other practitioners.
Each practitioner has their own value and special way of helping others.
You will attract the clients who are right for you. Others will attract the clients who are right for them.

Dave Nelson is the creator of Reiki Infinite Healer. Over the last 4 years Dave and his team have helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their wellbeing, recover from illness, connect with their spiritual selves, and learn to heal with the amazing art of Reiki. Dave is a highly sought after healer and teacher, who's work has impacted the lives, health and relationships of individuals and their families in over 200 different countries.