Friday, May 25, 2018

PANCAKES PERFECT with Potatoe Strach

What to add to the pancakes to never stick to the pan! Share on Facebook Dough sticking pancakes Paste dough - Rinses, savory, appetizing and tasty, is the favorite dessert of people around the world.   However, what do we do when we have a craving for pancakes, but do we get nervous because the pan dough is stuck to us? Dough Dough Pancakes - There is a secret ingredient used in dough dessert restaurants. Many chefs do not want to divulge secrets ... You've already begun to avoid the flavor and flavor of the pancakes because they stick, right? Here is a recipe that you will not fail and whose dough will never stick! ingredients ADVERTISING   - 500 milliliters of milk; - 250 grams flour; - 3 eggs; - two tablespoons of sugar; - 250 ml of mineral water; - half a teaspoon of salt. Siiii, the key ingredient, potato starch. Mix everything, add 2 tablespoons of starch and get rid of soldering ... Good appetite!
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