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Dr Olga Magdalena Lazin's Books, MY BOOK REVIEW Request New Review %97

Olga Magdalena Lazin, Ph.D., is a prolific American writer, born in Transylvania in November 4, 1963 to Eugen Lazin, and Magdalena Lazin. She writes in American, Spanish, Romanian and Hungarian Languages. Her books can be found on and Kindle.

Here are some titles of her books:
1. Decentralized Globalization: Free Trade Blocs, Civil Attitude and Civic Society, published in 2017, AuthorHouse. (Ebook & Paperback, see below:
[b]Civic Engagement And Civil Society, U.S. Foundations, Mexico & Romania Compared[/b], BookVenture, 2017

3. [b]Dr. Olga's American Dream Come True[/b], Amazon Kindle LLC, in Ebook, and paperback formats.

4. [b]Mexican Politics Since Diaz,[/b] published by Amazon Kindle LLC, 2018.

5. [b]Is Soros A Robber Barron Or Philanthropist?[/b], published by Amazon Kindle LLC, Ebook and paperback formats.

6. [b]Civil Society in Latin America And Eastern Europe Compared[/b], published by Amazon Kindle LLC.

7.[b] Escaping Transylvanian Vampirism To The West,[/b] published by Kindle LLC, Ebook and Paperback formates.

[u]In Spanish:
2. [b]La Globalizacion Se Decentraliza[/b], 2007, published By UCLA, and Juan Pablos Editores

3. [b]Lados Brillantes y Obscuros De La Globalizacion,[/b] published in 2011, by UCLA and Juan Pablos Editores in Mexico.

The first book is actually a classic Doctoral Thesis filed with the History Department at UCLA, in Los Angeles in 2001, and a best seller.

Dr Olga Lazin has earned her Doctoral degree in History from UCLA, in the state of California. Her Specialties are History of Globalization, US Constitutional history, the evolution of food, and nutrition. Olga's books explore as well Health Longevity Education and Skills building. Dr. Lazin is also an Academic Coach working with College and University students, contributing to their academic advancement and fulfillment.

Dr Lazin is Director for Research and Development with PROFMEX, a Worldwide Consortium for Research based in Los Angeles, California.
As a published feminist, she is an active member of International Women's Association in the U.S., since 1990.

As a Professor of History, Dr. Lazin has been teaching History of Latin American studies at UCLA, University of California Long Beach, University of California Dominguez Hills and multiple Colleges in Los Angeles for 29 years.

Dr. Olga Lazin is based in Los Angeles, California.Request New Review:

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