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Physical effects of Sacral Chakra Imbalance and Weakness:

If your Sacral Chakra is closed, weak or out of balance, its physical effects are very serious.
They will manifest as sexual dysfunction, depression and addiction.

Let's quantify them, studies have shown, depression in America costs the society $210 Billion per year, while medicines used to treat depression cost upward of $500 per month per patient.
Addiction in America costs the society, $600 Billion per year. (the cost of lives lost and property damaged due to post-drinking behavior not included)
Also the addiction rehab costs upwards of $5000 per year per patient.

Let's get down to the Sacral Chakra exercises:

Locating the Sacral Chakra-

- Stand up straight.
- Place the thumb of your dominant hand on your Navel.
- Stretch your hand and go one full hand measure down.
- Locate the point where the tip of your little finger is touching. (the point usually is on the genitals.)
- This is the Location of your Sacral Chakra. (Swadhisthaan Chakra)

Exercise #1
Pelvic Swing

Stand straight with your legs shoulder length apart, and toes pointing forward.

Slightly bend your knees and place your hands on your thighs just above the knees.

Take a deep breath.

As you exhale, touch your chin to the top of your chest and bring your lower abdomen forward as much as you comfortably can.

Then as you inhale, lift up your chin and move back your lower abdomen as much as you comfortably can.

Keep repeating these movements for 3 minutes.
(those who cannot perform this exercise owing to physical constraints, leave it and perform only the Mudra.)

Exercise #2
Sacral Chakra Mudra

This Mudra can be performed while being seated, in a standing position or lying in bed.
Concentrate on your breathing to relax and feel comfortable.
Join both the palms together like in the Indian salutation ‘Namaste’.
Then interlace and bend the Ring fingers and the Little fingers of both the hands within the palms.
Touch the tips of the Index fingers together
Cross the Middle fingers over the Index fingers.
Touch the tip of the Middle fingers to the tip of the Thumbs and press slightly.
Press the heels of both the palms together.
Hold this Mudra in front of your chest.
Perform this Mudra for 10-12 minutes.

Using these exercises, we've stimulated your Sacral Chakra.
Now observe yourself throughout the day. observe how you react to various situations and how you deal with people around you.
For greater effects you can also perform these exercises in the evening and tomorrowmorning.

Stay Healthy,

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