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crystal grids desire stoneDesire Stones are the outermost stones on a Crystal Grids. 
They represent the end state that the Grid is constructed to produce. Selection of Desire Stones is based on the specific final purpose of the Grid.  These stones gather the energy that has been focused and shaped by the Focus Stone, the Way Stones and the Path. 
They give the Universal Life Force its final shaping and tuning to the desired outcome of the Crystal Grid.  They are chosen in a similar manner to the Way Stones - by their Crystal Energy Lattice, and by their Color Rays. 
Desire Stones are often the crystals that would be used alone to accomplish something.  However using multiple ones and having them fed with focused and amplified energy gives them much more energy to accomplish their purpose.

th pathThe Path is the lines of energy that flow through the Grid guiding the energy from the Focus Stone, through any Way Stones, to our Desire Stones.  The Path is the journey to the desire we seek.  The Path is the energy conduit that draws on Sacred Geometry to align, transmit, and guide our energy to achieve our desires. The Path is the flow of energy in a particular grid design. 
The Path follows the lines of the Grid.  It connects the stones to the Patterns of Life.  There is a great synergy to be gained when the Path is aligned with the energy matrices of the crystals on it.  The energy system that results is one of great power.  The Universal Life Force is gathered, focused, and amplified effectively in a well design Crystal Grid with Paths that channel our energy effectively.
The Path is derived from the grid shape.  There are many designs for Crystal Grids.  Each has specific uses and meanings.  Circles, Squares, Triangles, Seeds of Life, Flower of Life, Hexagons, Pentagons, Spirals, Mandelas, the Borromean Rings, the Ashok Chakra, The Eye of Horus, and others are all potent and useful.  Each has its specific meanings and power.  The study of Sacred Geometry teaches the uses of each design. 
grid visualsOur crystal grid are enriched by both design and color patterns.  So all our grids should be built on a Visual.  A grid designed to increase our health can be enhanced by a background scene of robust health and vigorous activities we desire when we achieve good health.
A grid for increased wealth can be enhanced with a background of the money or the things we desire.  The background gives form to our desire. 
All grids can be enhanced with a great visual. The visuals provided by the grid kits are great, but you can change them easily. The visual is a print, and the gird overlay and the photo slide into a clear plastic protective sleeve. So you can reuse grid kits, and you can use your desires as the visuals.

How do I use a Crystal Grid?
Activating a grid is the most rewarding part of building and using a grid.  The effect can be quite stunning and rewarding. 
To activate a grid you will need a wand.  The wand will transmit the activating energy of your mind  into the grid to power it with the Universal Life Force.  The process is not difficult.  If you need a wand check here.
grid wandAt a time without distractions of any kind, take your wand in hand, stand or sit near your grid and close your eyes.  In your mind, travel to the center of the galaxy.  Feel the waves of energy washing over you as you get closer to the center. 
See stars and planets whiz by as you fly at incredible speed.  When you get there, look around.  Every thing in the Universe in spinning around you.
Pulses of pure love and life energy are streaming out to the entire rotating galaxy. Hold up your wand and see the energy flowing out from it.    Now in your mind’s eye look through all of space and find the Focus Stone of your grid. 
You will see it far out in the fringes of the Galaxy, but it is shining brighter than all the suns and stars.  Use your wand to focus a flow of  pulsing Life energies out to  your Focus Stone. Now open your eyes to be instantly transported back to your gird.  Wow, what a trip!
Now touch your energized wand to the center of your forehead then touch the Focus Stone to seal the connection between your visions and the Focus Stone of your grid. Now the Universal Life Energy is flowing into your Focus Stone. 
As you do that see the pulsing, glowing energy pulsing outward down the Grid Paths to the Way stones, lighting them from within.  See each of them in turn transform with an inner glow of pulsing energy.  Then follow the energy down the Paths to the Desire Stones.  See each of them start to have an inner fire.    See the gird absorbing the energy of the cosmos through the Focus, travel the Paths into the Way Stones, and then lighting up your Desire Stones.   See your grid light up in your mind’s eye  Focus your being on your desire. Make it real. 
When this ritual is completed, your grid is aligned and alight with the Universal Life Force,  Be aware that a grid can only  be aligned by only one person or a group at a time.  Your aligned grid will not help or affect others that come near it.  If a grid is to help more than one person, all must participate in the alignment ritual. 
Set up and Daily Use
Crystal Grids go anywhereAll of our Grids have instructions for their set up and daily use.  In general, you place a Crystal Grid in a location that is conducive to its use.  Don't be limited.  Grids work indoors and out.  Grids are portable.  Take them with you.  Explose them to the Universal Life Force when possible.  Use your imagination and get the most from your grids - they don't need just a single location.  Experiment.
All of the Grids in this book have instructions on their daily use.  While the specifics of each grid differ, the concept is the same.  Grids bring energy into a space and focus and align it to specific purposes.  The energy from the grid has to go somewhere.  Most grids are built to bring that energy into your life.  To do so, you need to be in a receptive role. 
As you pass your grid during the day, stop and spend a few seconds absorbing the energy flow from your Desire Stones. The best was to do so is to first look at your Focus Stone.  See a flow of energy descending into it like a pillar of light with the Focus Stone at the bottom.  Then watch the energy flow down the Paths to the Way Stones.  Look briefly at each in turn and focus on it for a few seconds.  Remember what they mean.  Then watch as the energy flows out to the Desire Stones.  Let the energy from each one travel like a laser beam into your Third Eye Chakra.  Absorb that energy and let it guide you closer to your desires. 
This visualization process will allow the Universal Life Force from your crystal grid to flow into your spirit and consciousness.  It will empower you and show you the way to your desire.  By itself a crystal grid is a powerful tool, but it a tool of self empowerment.  You are the last part of the grid.

So there you have it.  Crystal Grids are potent ways to harness the Universal Life Force to accomplish your goals and live your dreams.  Explore the many girds presented here at the Crystal Vaults.  They are all designed and built based on sound research using the best possible materials.  They all come with complete, detailed instructions and include all crystals, stones, visuals, and grids. 
Crystal Grids ready for you to use 
Extra stuff:  OK, How do we know all this? 
The grids are based on several years of research in which we have learned many things. First of all, knowing which crystals to use and where to place them on a grid requires extensive knowledge of the energies of crystals.  This knowledge is the knowledge of crystal energy matrices and the crystal color rays of influence.  This research has been published for all to use.  It can all be found in the book, The Seven Secrets of Crystal Talismans, by Henry Mason, published by Llewellyn in 2009 and available in a signed first edition here.   It explains which crystals have the ability to focus energy for specific needs.  Knowing when and how to use a Seeker, an Enhancer, a Barrier, a Dispeller, a Guardian, or an Attractor crystal is a key to successfully building an effective grid.
Of course, every color of crystal will give a grid a certain energy, but as the wavelengths change, so will the energy the crystals add to the grid. To understand the individual colors to assure they interrelate effectively on a grid, we need to understand how the flow of colors around the color wheel reflect how life itself evolves and renews itself. Understanding the flow of the colors will show us which colors are needed for a particular grid application.  We use the Color Wheel of Life to gain this fundamental understanding and assure our grids are built correctly.  
color wheelThe  Great Wheel of Life captures the natural progression of the colors, the progression of the seasons of the year, the daily cycle of the sun, the lifetime of a person, the times of the elements, the progression of the stars in the Zodiac, and the meanings of these times for grid uses. 
All the cycles are aligned and superimposed.  Use the Great Wheel of Life to find the right colored crystals for the time, phase, and purpose of your grids.  We use the knowledge of the Great Wheel of Life explained in The Seven Secrets of Crystal Talismans to assure the effective uses and combinations of crystal colors on our grids. 
A poster of the Great Wheel of Life is also available here:
Guardian symbolWe also know that determining the proper grid pattern requires study and mastery of the secrets of the Universal Patterns of Life found in the ancient teachings of Sacred Geometry. There are many excellent text on Sacred Geometry.  Our favorite is How the World Is Made: The Story of Creation according to Sacred Geometry”by John Michell and Allan Brown (Oct 21, 2009)
While mastery of Sacred Geometry can be a life long study, basically Sacred Geometry is the collection of ideas that seeks to understand the mind of our Creator through the geometry of Creation.

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