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Home | Crystal Vaults:Now, a pendulum can only move in about four directions. It can move back and forth towards and away from you; it can move left and right, in can swing in a circle counterclockwise, or it can swing in a circle clockwise. That's about it.

So how can it say "Your keys are in the garage"?
Well, that takes us to the need to "set up" our mind to use a pendulum. Let's see how we do that, then we can come back to finding our keys.

How do I set up to use a pendulum?

To use a pendulum, you need to be able to read its motions. Here's how:
First, sit in a chair at a table in a quite place, preferable alone. Put one elbow on the table and let the pendulum dangle from your fingers. Prop your elbow with your other hand. Hold the chain between your thumb and forefinger with just enough force to keep from dropping the pendulum. The pendulum should be free to move and be one to two inches of the table. Now relax.
Let the pendulum swing as it will until it settles down motionless. Just watch it and think about it coming to rest.
yesWhen it is just hanging down, motionless, think of the word "YES."
Ask yourself some questions in which the answer is a resounding "YES."
Am I alive?
Am I smart?
You get the idea. Now the pendulum will eventually begin to move
. Keep working the "YES" in your mind.
Speak it out loud if you like. What you are seeking is to get a consistent result in the movement of the pendulum when you mean "YES" Now this can take some folks a few minutes and it can take a day or two for others.
Be patient. If you need a couple of sessions to get it right, take them.

noNext, we need to know how the pendulum react when we think of "NO". Follow the same approach. But this time think about the word "NO" Ask questions that have "NO" as the answer. Be patient. Eventually the pendulum will move in a consistent manner different than when you though of "YES"
Now this process may take a day or so, and four or five sessions to get down pat. Don't worry. Once its done, its done forever.
Now you need to practice and gain confidence. When you can get a reliable "Yes" movement in response to questions that you know have "yes" as the right answer, and you can get a reliable "NO" movement to questions that you know are not true, then you are ready to use a pendulum For most people we have found this takes a few days. Be religious with your practice. There... you are set up to use a pendulum.

How do I use the pendulum?

Now that you are "calibrated" and you know which way the pendulum will move when it is saying "YES" and you know which way it will move when it says "NO" you are ready for the next step. We now need to learn two more ways that the pendulum will answer questions. Sometimes the pendulum will simply not know an answer. So we need to learn how it will tell us that. And, sometimes the pendulum will just not want to answer a question. How does it tell you that?
Well, once you have a reliable "yes" and a reliable "no", it is time to take the next step in understanding your pendulum. We now need to know when our pendulum is saying "I don't know", and when it is saying "I just don't want to answer right now."  
Here is a short video that will help. Watch our expert, Brittani explain how to finish the calibration of your pendulum.
Ok Let's go back to the question we were working on awhile ago - "Where are my keys?"

Take you pendulum and hold it the same way as when you were practicing. Now we have a problem. The pendulum only knows two words! YES, and NO. (It can also say "I don't know" and "I don't want to answer", but we will hope that it is being cooperative!)  What  it can't say is  "you left your keys in the garage, dummy!" It can only answer "YES" and "NO" questions. So, you have to play a game with it. You must carefully ask a series of questions that when answered "YES" or "NO" will lead you to what you want to know.

So in our example, we might ask "Are my keys in the house?" We should get a movement indicating "NO" We might ask if they are in the yard. We might get a "NO" again. We might ask "Are they in the garage?" Now we should get a "YES" and we can go find them there.

What can I use the pendulum for?

Finding lost items: As in our example, if you want to find where you left something, ask the pendulum a series of questions to narrow down your search. Like, Did I leave them in the house? Did I leave them in the living room?
Finding out how you really feel: This is an important use. For example, Do I want to have children? Do I want to have more than one child? Do I want to have just one boyfriend?
Finding out what you really want: Do I want to take a vacation this summer? Will I have more fun in the mountains or at the beach? Do I want to go to Mexico or Alaska?
Making a choice or decision: Do I want to go to the movies? Do I want really to take French this year?

What kind of pendulum do I need?

You are probably wondering which pendulum would be right for you. The simple answer is to use the one that you feel is right at the time. In other words, make sure it appeals your inner child, your intuition, and your subconscious. Now the thing is that you will find your intuition will tell you to use different ones at different times. For many people it seems that the mind's eye is looking for a certain color ray for certain purposes.

red pendulumFor example people will seem to want to use a red or pink crystal when making decisions affecting the heart, like picking a mate, deciding on going on a date, or deciding if someone will be the only boyfriend.
Red crystals contain the red ray of passion,love and courage.
If love is what you're looking for than wouldn't it make sense to own a pendulum that amplifies the power of love and compassion?
Iblack pendulumf you had questions about a decision and you were concerned with safety, you might be drawn to a black crystal. Black crystals have protection energy. Maybe you are just examining your creativity and wonder if you should take up painting. You might well be drawn to a Amethyst.

Our customers have a variety of colors and crystal pendulums and use them as each "feels right" Your mind might be drawn to one particular crystal or you might always be using a different one. We can only advise exploration. Try some and see how they work and how they respond. Do a little more research, practice, and amaze yourself.

A few books that I would suggest include "The Practical Pendulum Book" by D. Jurriaanse, "Pendulum Magic for Beginners" by Richard Webster, "Pendulums and the Light" by Diane Stein, "Power Pendulum Magic" by Roberto Gadini, and the "Pendulum Healing Handbook" by Walter Lubeck.
Good luck.

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