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A “weak” Mars may create mind-body energy imbalances that contribute to mental confusion or a lack of determination. Vetiver, an herb dedicated to Mars and associated with bravery and a desire to act, helps increase mental clarity and confidence.

Frankincense is classified with Saturn, whose qualities include maturity and dedication. A person who’s lacking discipline or experiencing low energy may also experience infections in the body, indicated by a weak Saturn in the birth chart. Frankincense could be used to treat the body and increase personal discipline and a sense of responsibility, which may be life or karmic lessons for that person.

In a person with digestive issues, a weak Sun, which is associated with the Divine Father, might have trouble “digesting” emotions as well, creating relationship challenges. Fennel seeds, a safe, effective herb used to soothe imbalances associated with the Sun, could be used to cleanse toxins in the digestive system — or to clear energy blockages or "toxic" emotions in a marriage or partnership.

Advanced Essential OILS BLEND is designed to show you how making your own OIL formulations and crafting your own Essential OILs Blend prescriptions can enhance your own life as well as the lives of others through your Ayurvedic-informed counselling and spiritual guidance.DR OLGA ESSENTIAL OILS Blends - Performance on Google for March 2018 - - Gmail: "

'via Blog this' Many of these remedies can be grown in your garden and used in your cooking. You can even create your own personal celestial aromas to calm your emotions, radiate more joy, and deepen your spiritual practice. Different blends of essential oils, uniquely supportive to YOU, can also help you emanate more confidence, manifest your dreams, and attract more abundance. During this 12-week live video training with Dr Olga Lazin, one of the world’s most knowledgeable Ayurveda and plant medicine experts, you’ll discover: - The medicinal qualities of specific plants and their corresponding astrological archetypes - The “healing OILS” within nature’s pharmacy — and which ones you can GET directly from Dr LAZIN, and have an OIL Extractor in your own courtyard! You can also use EO Blends on your PETS. My Gastion is ingesting every day 2 drops of Franckincense! - How to detox your mind through a deep *5 Senses Cleanse Program* to remove toxins that block the sensory channels of your mouth, nose, eyes, ears, and skin, with KINF FORMULA OILS BLEND. _ How to use EOils, spices, and foods that heal imbalances in your immune system, deepen your vitality and improve your capacity to metabolize energy (food, emotions, and karma!) How to identify and create your personal celestial aroma for meditation, for applying to your skin, or for use as a home fragrance _____

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You may already be integrating plant medicine into your daily routines — through botanicals, aromatherapy, cooking, and gardening. However, plants can not only be used in these ways to heal your body, treat injuries, clear your mind, and reverse aging... they can also support your spiritual development and heal karmic patterns. And you can amplify the healing power of plants by matching their properties with the healing qualities of the sun, moon, and planets (without being an astrologer)! For instance, applying the ancient wisdom of lunar cycles can make your formulations stronger and your therapies more effective. And you can create special massage oils, synergies, blends, and elixirs from the correspondence of stars, herbs, and crystals. The Power of ESSENTIAL OILS BLEND Leading Romanian healer and teacher Dr Olga Lazin , one of the emerging leaders in Biomedicine and an expert in Ayurveda, has initiated a powerful natural and integrative movement that explores how a Vedic birth chart can help you choose your veggies/herbs and essential oils Blends to boost immunity, increase vitality, and even transform relationships. EOs draws from the ancient Ayurvedic system of classifying herbs according to divine archetypes, represented by the celestial OILS. According to Vedic astrology, the placement of the sun, moon, and planets at the moment of your birth (and as they move about the sky throughout your life!) influence your physical, mental, and emotional health. The positive energies of the planets, in tandem with specific medicinal plants, can enhance your ability to heal different systems in your body, deepen your vitality, and increase your inner peace and happiness. In Ayurvedic texts, herbs were also classified according to planetary archetypes and divinities. Yet, the ancient link between Ayurvedic herbology and astrology had been lost. Until now.
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