Saturday, April 28, 2018

Advanced Celestial with Olga Lazin | The PROFMX team

Advanced Celestial Herbalism with Arjun Das | The Shift Network: "

  • Celestial Aromatic Signature Perfume for your family, friends, and clients, just as Arjun creates such blends for his personal clients
  • The proper way to integrate the use of crystal and special gemstones into vibrational elixirs
  • How to choose different essential oils based on their astrological qualities, and how to make complex synergies that respect the proportional rate for the most beneficent and difficult planets found in the Vedic chart
  • Which crystals and semi-precious and precious stones are assigned to which planets — and how to understand the ancient rule for selecting the most appropriate
Celestial Aromatic Signature Perfume  Blends
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