Sunday, April 08, 2018

ADDICTION REDEFINED: Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person - YouTube

(4) Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person - YouTube: "

This video sees Alain de Botton, Creator of The School of Life and narrator on the majority of our videos, talking at a Google event in London in 2017.

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we don t know much about love. LOVE IS A SKILL! KEEP FOLLOWING YOUR GUTS!
LOVE Is to apply generosity of interpretations! the willingness to interpret the other's behaviour. a baby splits the good mother and the bad mother.
tolerance for weakness and recognition of ambivelance.
stunning mistake. you can think too much about emotions. In early childhood , if scolded, 
I'll choose a partner WHO will be familiAr.
an accomplished person. SULKING- we sulk with someone. Please just tell me! form lasting relationship.
be a good teacher to Jim! lesson over. be relaxed, a culture that 2 people gotta teach each other.
and gotta learn from each other, as he tries to make me a better person, James.
will be a good enough professor!
negotiate imperfection!
Compatibility is an achievement through love
TYPE A, procedural, cycle of low trust.
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