Friday, March 23, 2018

TULSI & Juliet of the Herbs, TULSI Queen of Herbs Movie

Ayurvedic Medicine

Tulsi, Queen of Herbs: The story
of a plant who is a goddess

With Tish Streeten
Hosted by David Crow
For thousands of years Tulsi has lived in the courtyards of Hindu homes... receiving offerings of flowers, song, and holy water. In return she purifies the air and gives her leaves for healing. This kind of partnership encourages a reverence for plants, respect for our environment, and good health for people. Today Tulsi is working with people all over the world to restore physical, emotional, ecological, and spiritual health. Join filmmaker, herbalist, and ambassador for the plant realm, Tish Streeten, in her discussion of this amazing plant. 
During this extraordinary session, you'll discover:
  • How Tulsi as a goddess, and how the myths and stories of Tulasi Devi provide insights on how to care for ourselves & our planet
  • That Tulsi is a healer and an ecologist... effective for simple coughs, colds, and headaches, as well as more complex conditions, such as malaria, diabetes, heart disease, radiation sickness, & the healing of our environment
  • A deeper understanding of plants as spiritual beings, and a sense of how we can work in partnership with plants to restore the health of people, animals, plants, & the Earth

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