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The Art of Passing the Buck

The Art of Passing the Buck: "

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  • Howard Hinman Speaking in Yorba Linda

  • 08 NOV 2017

    Recording courtesy of Jacquie Figg, contact her about her evening educational meetings in North Orange County, California at:

  • Ringing Stone Network Interview

  • 10 OCT 2017

    • Legal studies concerning the Common Law Trust represent only 20% of the information needed to form and administer a Trust.
    • Administrative protocols to support the Beneficiaries are 80% of how a Trust operates.
    • Those in power have setup both political and legal systems to ensure people can never rise. The Common Law Trust sets a pathway through which people can rise.
    • Those who represent moral and ethics are vilified.
    • In an irrevocable Trust, the Grantor cannot be in control of the Trust.
    • The Grantor needs to be involved in putting together the Declaration of Trust. There is a long list of decisions that need to impact future generations. See September 7, 2017 interview.
    • When the Grantor of a Living Trust dies the Living Trust becomes irrevocable.
    • The Trust name honors the family ancestry.

  • High Frequency Radio with Yusef El

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