Thursday, March 08, 2018

THE ANATOMY OF AN EMPATH; hyperactive activated nervos system at the beginning, 3 TYPES OF EMPATH

LINK: a strong element of flatery, accessing it when meeting the N. dopamine, seratonin decentered me. the need to please, agreeable; how am I coming across? c. IT destroyed the self-critic? CAN lose the self-authority. Has self-doubt. loses the strong self-critic, was directed on the N., now refocuses is on others, often destroying.. ; Leads empathy to become highly disagreeable. AND CLOSES DOWN=NOT FEELING WARMTH ANYMORE. -seek retribution, as empath feels has been let down. B. NO MORE CLOSENESS TO OTHERS (I AM BURNED OUT) becomes resentful, and cynical towards others. CORE PERSPECTIVES: PREDATORY PERSONALITY NARCISSIST; BOTTOMLINEPSHICHOLOGY.COM 1. THE PROUD HELPER WILL MOVE TO BE CO-DEPENDENT. abdul saad. THE EMPATH NARCISSIST DINAMIC The Affinity we can see;
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