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Reiki Infinite Healer FOR PETS and Animals Too

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Because Reiki consists of the same Universal Life Energy that makes every living thing alive, any living thing can be helped by Reiki energy.
Reiki works throughout the body and each chakra to create a positive energy flowand remove any energy blockages that may exist.
The same energetic system exists in animals.
It wasn't until quite recently that I learned this amazing fact from a friend...
...and I immediately tried it on my dog.
My dog is known to be scared of loud noises and sudden knocks on the door.
But after just three treatments, this behavior pretty much went away. 
Now my dog can live a happier, more fulfilling life running around and doing what dogs do best.
If you want to learn how to do the same, keep reading!
Reiki is currently applied to pets by therapists as an alternative for general wellness and disease treatment.
In many different countries you can now find Reiki pet practitioners. 
Veterinarians are also using Reiki as an addition in support of conventional veterinary medicine.
Treatment through Reiki doesn’t involve any drug administration. It is just physical contact that is gentle in which your pet will enjoy and brings no harm to it.
I recommend that you use Reiki on your pet to treat behavioral issues, anxiety, and pain. The therapy will assist in calming a pet from an agitated animal to a more acceptable one.
There are a number of big differences between the way Reiki is worked on pets and humans...
...and it is crucial for you to remember and understand them.
First, it is crucial that you perform Reiki on your pet the moment you immediately notice any behavioral changes.
These are changes such as eating, temperature, or general sickness.
I have come to realize that the quicker I treat my pet, the quicker it returns to its balance and health.
Since pets cannot talk, one needs to be on the lookout for the smallest changes in our pets’ behavior. 
For example, if go back home and find that your pet seems unconcerned and lethargic with your presence, or lacks the energy to play, eat, among other things...
...that's a sign that you should be paying attention to.
Our pets can be hurt easily when we are not around through their playing, jumping, and running.
If an injured point on your pet is allowed to swell, there can be gathering of excessive fluids around or in the injury, decreasing pressure of energy flow due to the increased pressure of fluids to that specific point of injury.
This can cause permanent tissue damage and lengthen the time of treatment. 
In case you have a sick or injured pet it is important that you approach it with love and caution. Reiki compels you to want to be helpful.
However, you should not force your hands on the animal performing Reiki as this will make the pet mad to a point of striking out at you.
I recommend that you move towards the pet slowly and touch it lightly. Pay a little more attention to any point in which the pet seems to be more sensitive to your touch.
If your dog still isn't responsive to these treatments, it might be you whose Chakras are unbalanced.
If you're having trouble getting to sleep or getting along with your pet, be sure to check out my Chakra Balancing Plan where you can figure out what to do in just 5 minutes.
You'll get the results right after taking it for FREE. 

How To Treat Your Pet

A Reiki energy session can be as short as five or ten minutes in length or as long as an hour or more. The length of the session depends on how much healing the dog feels it needs.
When applying Reiki for pets, Put your hands gently on the area that is in question. Try to figure out the possible cause for the pet’s discomfort.
I advise against forcing the pet to stay still while performing Reiki...just place your hand just of the pet’s body surface. Reiki energy will flow well even when the hands are raised 4 inches off the pet’s skin.
It is also important to spend some extra time on the affected areas, but do not forget to treat the pet’s entire body. 
Continue with the Reiki treatment until the pet gets back to its normal self and routine.
Pets normally take a longer period to respond to Reiki energy treatments in comparison to humans.
It's important to treat your pet daily taking whatever time necessary to assist it get back to its playful ways.
Here are the steps to start a Reiki session with your dog (or someone else's):
Place the dog in a relaxing room. It's preferable if they've been there before. Make sure their dog is comfortable, relaxed and familiar with their surroundings.
Face them towards you and gently place your hands on the dog. If the dog has a temper, gently gain its trust.
Find where the Chakra is blocked and spend some time there to let it heal. Once you are done, seal the healing with a prayer.
Often, they will lie beside me and allow me to gently move or place my hands over various parts of their body.
Reiki energy can be given to your dog in regularly scheduled intervals or as needed.
Because it is a gentle and non-invasive energy modality, it can be used safely with any animal no matter the age, size or breed.
The same principle applies to humans too - and if you have been struggling, you may need to rebalance your Chakras.
Take my FREE 5-Minute Chakra Balancing Plan to see exactly what you can do TODAY to start the healing journey.
Click here now or the image below.
Another way is to try beaming your Reiki energy to it from a distance.
If your pet (or whomever's pet that you're treating) has short temper, this can help calm the pet down until it is ready to be touched.
You can sit on a chair and when the injured or sick pet comes close to you just hold your closest hand toward or over it.
Your pet will move away when it has had enough and will most likely return later to receive extra boost of Reiki energy.
If you have a pet that is not acting normal but still refuses Reiki treatment, take it for a visit to the veterinarian.
However, ask that you be allowed in the room with the assistant or doctor to learn from them as you offer your pet the needed support.
This is essential because you pet will come to you more readily when it needs attention and care.
Keep in mind that Reiki energy is a high frequency vibration and the pet may take some time before it gets accustomed.
However, when the pet gets accustomed, it will seek out the Reiki energy any time it becomes imbalanced.
Lay your hand at the pet’s ears’ base close to the neck. I have found this to have a calming down impact on most pets.
At these points Reiki energy flows in greater supply and more easily.
From these points the animal can receive treatment in a systematic manner as you gently move your hands in areas of imbalance and pain.
Let your inner feelings and sense guide you as to where to follow next and for how long.
For smaller pets like mice, birds, and hamsters, just gently cup your hands around their bodies. Do not apply any pressure.
You may first experience the pet’s rapid heartbeat but that should not worry you as it will soon relax. Allow the pet to be surrounded by the energy that is within the cupped hands.
If you’re performing Reiki on a small pet when it is asleep, keep your hands above the animal’s skin surface so as not to disturb it.
If your pet is a fish or caged wild bird it is advisable to place the hands around the tank or cage to allow the flow of Reiki energy between the hands.
If this is the situation that you are in, you may need to treat the pet for an approximate of twenty to thirty minutes for the pets to absorb the Reiki energy.
The larger a pet is the more work and time it calls for. More positions are also required for larger pets to ensure the absorption of Reiki enegy.
If you are dealing with a pet that is dangerous, wild, or even poisonous it is advisable that you practice distance techniques.
It is also advisable to acquire anatomy charts for your pet that you regularly treat with Reiki. 
To ensure that you're doing it right, take my FREE Chakra Balancing Plan where you can figure out exactly what you need to do to treat yourself and your pet.
Hundreds of already taken don't take my word for it. 

Dave Nelson is the creator of Reiki Infinite Healer. Over the last 36 months Dave and his team have helped tens of thousands of people improve their wellbeing, recover from illness, connect with their spiritual selves, and learn to heal with the amazing art of Reiki. Dave is a highly sought after healer and teacher, who's work has impacted the lives, health and relationships of individuals and their families in over 200 different countries.

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