Nutrition,Metabolim and Genomics

The chair group Nutrition, Metabolism and Genomics of the Division of Human Nutrition aims to contribute to a better understanding of the molecular mechanism of action of dietary nutrients and their impact on human health and metabolism. The group focuses on the key organs relevant for metabolism represented by the intestine, liver, adipose tissue and muscle, and the interplay between these organs and other important systems such as the microbiome.
The chair group Nutrition, Metabolism and Genomics was installed in 2000 and since then has become one of the leading groups in the area of Molecular Nutrition and Nutrigenomics.  Studies within the group are geared towards expanding our understanding of the molecular physiology of nutrient metabolism in health and metabolic diseases and elucidating what key regulatory pathways go awry during disease development and aging. Particular attention is given to the role of dietary lipids. To that end, the group employs a multi-pronged approach that ranges from dietary intervention studies in human subjects to physiological experiments in transgenic animals and detailed mechanistic studies in vitro, supported by advanced nutrigenomics technology platforms.
The group contributes to the curriculum of the BSc and MSc programme in Nutrition and Health at Wageningen University & Research by offering a variety of courses on topics ranging from nutrition and health to nutritional biochemistry, advanced metabolism, and nutrigenomics.

Key publications