Friday, March 23, 2018

kratom herb, vs alcohol withdrawal; Sandalwood Essential Oil Derived from Sustainable Native Hawaiian Forest | Plant Medicine Summit 2018

Depression and Opiate Withdrawal With Michael Tierra Hosted by David Crow Join Michael Tierra, author of Eat West Herb Course, Way of Herbs, and Planetary Herbology, as he introduces Kratom — an herb-tree in the Rubiaceae or coffee family. It comes mostly from Thailand but can be found throughout the islands of Southeast Asia. Unconfirmed sources claim that it has a medical and socio-religious use in that region dating back over 3000 years. It was introduced in the recreational substance market in the U.S. in late 2004... spiking in 2015. Medically, kratom contains the alkaloid, Mitragynine, a known opiate agonist used for treating pain and opioid and alcohol addiction withdrawal symptoms. During this focused session, you'll discover: The safe medicinal dose of kratom for the relief of pain, drug and alcohol withdrawal, & depression A range of conditions that kratom treats The best form to take kratom, the different strains on the market, & how to choose which is best for youkratom & Sandalwood Essential Oil Derived from Sustainable Native Hawaiian Forest | Plant Medicine Summit 2018:

Sandalwood Essential Oil Derived from
Sustainable Native Hawaiian Forest

With Jeff Lee & Wade Lee
Hosted by David Crow
Join Jeff Lee, managing partner at Haloa Aina, and managing member Wade Lee as they provide the history of the land and forest, from "precontact" through today. They discuss land and forest ownership, management, and the Holoa Aina legend and definition. They also reveal what was behind the decision to utilize the plant santalum paniculatum as the foundation for the reforestation project... and they offer cultural and therapeutic uses of sandalwood throughout history, as well as in today's society.
During this comprehensive session, you'll discover:
  • How much is to be gained by utilizing natural ecosystems to accomodate human needs within a native habitat
  • Why using natural products that facilitate natural ecosystem rehabilitation is so important
  • The many uses of sandalwood in the world today — in religion, culture, & therapy
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Jeff Lee

Haloa Aina - managing partner, The Club Inc. - President, BA, Business UH
Jeff Lee is from Waikiki. He grew up in Hilo and moved to Kona in 1983. His mentor was his grandfather, half Hawaiian, half Chinese and connector of people and nature. Jeff is an outdoorsman first and likes to surf, fish, dive, hunt, hike, camp, and play basketball appreciating all of natures lessons as they apply to life. The ocean and mountains are his favorite places, votexes of connection to everything important.
Jeff has farmed anthiriums, lychee, avacodos, Kona coffee, raised sheep, goats, horses, ducks, chickens, and two awesome children now adults. He started a health club in 1988 that is now one of the longest running fitness centers in Hawaii with a management philosophy based on family values and teamwork.

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