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Personal Statement
I am deeply committed to help LaLAB evolve into a fully-grown project. I am well-suited as a PI,
as my expertise and experience are Education on social security, technology and Education, and E-
Learning are of tremendous benefit to accomplish this project.
I have been working with Dr Carlos Torres on Latin American Education and Public policy since
2000, specifically on global citizenship. While taking my Doctoral degree at UCLA in 2001, I
have developed the dispositions and abilities to work across social and cultural differences in a
quest for solidarity within multiple cultures. Since then, I have been teaching at UCLA, Cal State
University Dominguez Hills, Cerritos College, Santa Monica College, El Camino College, and
Tijuana, in Mexico, as well as the Universidad de Guadalajara, in Jalisco, Mexico.
I have published two books on Education and Health issues in Mexico, with University of
Guadalajara Press and UCLA Program on Mexico.
In 2010 I have published a book on the bright and dark sides of globalization, focusing particularly
on global citizenship, and digital networking platforms that are active in Latin America.
Therefore, I consider that I am totally qualified for this endeavor in creating a global forum on
health and Education in Latin America here in Los Angeles.

policymakers and practitioners working in the region. Our website will house all of our
research and policy papers, best practices work at all levels of education, video minilessons
available to those doing policy and educational planning throughout the region,
as well as academic journal featuring the most up-to-date research on public policy and
education in Latin America.

We also plan to have a group of contributors among the key players mentioned
above and others who will provide daily updates on policy and practices across the
region of interest to key stakeholders, practitioners and policymakers. Our goal is to
explore all areas of policy reform including mechanisms for legitimating policies,
LA Lab
building a constituency, accumulating and mobilizing resources and monitoring
We thus see applied research as providing the most useful analytical tools
serving at-risk and underserved students, together with policy papers by experts in
academia and the policy arena. We hope to build networks and collaborative teams that
can work to advocate for education policies and reform that can improve the lives of
Latin Americans. We have already established the initial design of the website and
blog with consultation from a team of consultants, believing this is the best space to
engage in the important policy debates of our team.
We believe LA Lab can serve as a pioneer in establishing a truly global think
tank that can impact policy and practice at the local, national and global level
throughout the Americas. As the impact of media culture grows, it is incumbent upon
us to capitalize on these new spaces to share information and knowledge, foster
networks and collaboration, influence policymakers at all levels of government and
create avenues for increased understanding and interaction.
Funding from UCLA would launch our effort us to establish the interactive
website, hold meetings to further solidify the organization, undertake research and
write policy papers, and disseminate information through a variety of venues as we
strengthen our network and connections with those doing work in the field.
Our vision involves making LA Lab a key player in the region, combining the
work of scholars, practitioners and policymakers to make the world a better place for

all global citizens.
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