Saturday, March 10, 2018

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Your Aura is not only made from your own energy…it also absorbs energy from your environment.
Yes — all those people you interact with and places you spend your time… they all have their own Auras that are sending out energy, and you are taking that energy and making it a part of your own Aura.
So if you are spending time around people or places that are giving off negative energy, it can create negative energy blocks and chords in your own Aura and lead to poor emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health.
On the other hand, imagine how you feel when you spend time around people or places with uplifting positive energy...your Aura becomes charged and you feel happy, healthy, and in high spirit.
So I did a journaling exercise.
I made 2 columns on a sheet of paper. On the left side I wrote down the people and places that gave me the most bad feelings when I was around them, and on the right side I wrote down the ones that gave me the most good feelings.
Environment journal for aura
I quickly noticed most of the bad items in my list had a few things in common:
  • The people often gossipped about others and didn’t have much going on in their own lives.
  • Many were disorganized, frantic, or had lacked self-control.
  • Their bodies showed symptoms of negative energy such as addiction, obesity, or pain.
  • The places on my list were dingy, lacked a personal touch and gave off a cold unfriendly vibe.
I also noticed some patterns about the good items in my list:
  • The people were motivated, traveled places and lead interesting lives.
  • They radiated a sense of calm and clarity that made me feel at ease when I spoke with them.
  • They seemed to genuinely care about me and other people in their lives.
  • The places on my list were comfortable and it their owners put a lot of thought into decorating and infusing their own personal energy into them.
Once I had my list, it was simply a matter of spending less time around the people and places that made me feel depressed and drained and more time around the ones that made me feel happy and energized.
Tip: If you schedule time on your calendar for being in a positive environment it will help make sure you actually do it. If it’s not in your calendar, it just sort of gets forgotten.
By doing this exercise I started to feel more clarity and PEACE OF MIND about my environment.
But there was one more thing I had to do to stop negative energy from building in my Aura. I had to fix the energy coming from inside myself…

2. I Changed My Belief System

This is where it all begins. Your belief system is the source of your health and quality of your life.
Some examples of beliefs are: “I am superior” or “I must always have control”.
Your belief system exists on the 7th layer of your aura and affects the health of all the layers below it. So if it’s is aligned with the truth of the universe, then it manifests good health down through the layers of your aura and into your physical body. But if your belief system is flawed…
…then illness is spread down through your aura and results in poor life choices and physical illness.
Disease Process in Aura
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