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7+ Ways to Use Grapefruit + Aspire and One - - Gmail

7+ Ways to Use Grapefruit + Aspire and One - - Gmail: "

Hiya Olga andrei! I’m currently sitting outside enjoying a small stretch of nice weather and wanted to send you a little email love on this month’s Product of the Month: Grapefruit.
Grapefruit is a citrus boss due to its high levels of d-limonene, a compound found to “promote healthy cell function”, which makes it a popular oil to support those undergoing treatment for the Big C. In fact it was part of our daily protocol while supporting my aunt on hospice care. It’s also used to support the digestive system, the detox organs of the body, and the adrenals, along with much more.
Here are some everyday uses for Grapefruit you can try:
  • Healthy weight (internally or topically)
  • Managing food and sugar cravings (aromatically or internally)
  • Lymphatic and kidney detox support (internally or topically)
  • Gallbladder health and gallstone support (internally with geranium)
  • Digestive function and a happy belly (internally)
  • Hangovers (internally)
  • Helping you drink more fluids with a yummy flavor

Emotionally, Grapefruit is all about how we feel about and treat our body. It taps into our feelings of shame, judgment, and self-image.

This makes it a yummy addition to emotions and struggles around self-love and acceptance, and upping your self-care based on nourishing and nurturing your needs.
Here’s a great roller blend for this:

A few notes on the 3 ways to use Grapefruit:

Aromatically is simple enough. Diffuse or inhale (not from the bottle; this overexposes your bottle to air) and enjoy!
Internally can be done in a veggie capsule (up to 2-4 drops at once), or you can add 1 drop to a glass of water or tea. (In fact, Grapefruit essential oil is a common flavoring agent in many foods and beverages and in moderation - start with a drop at a time - can be used in your own recipes.)
Topically, you can dilute to your needs (search “dilution rates” in The Oily Community) and apply directly over the specific area of concern (if you’re not sure of the area, then internal may be the way to go).
HOWEVER, with topical use you need to be aware that grapefruit (and most other citrus oils unless otherwise noted on the bottle) can cause photosensitivity. This means when you’re applying topically on a beautiful day where you may wind up upside soaking up the rays….stick it where the sun don’t shine! (Think, abdomen, bottoms of feet, or anywhere under clothing.)

Grapefruit is the Product of the Month in March!

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What About Aspire and One?

Hiya Olga andrei!
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