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10+ Ways to Use Cypress Essential Oil - olgalazin@gmail.com - Gmail

10+ Ways to Use Cypress Essential Oil - olgalazin@gmail.com - Gmail: "

Hey Olga andrei! I’m currently sitting outside enjoying a small stretch of nice weather and wanted to send you a little email love on this month’s Product of the Month: Grapefruit.
If you think of Cypress as an oil of movement and flow, both physically and emotionally, it’ll help you remember a lot of what this one offers.
Here are some ideas:
  • Support circulation in the legs (topically)
  • Encouraging lymphatic movement, especially around swelling (topically)
  • Bed wetting or bladder continence (aromatically or topically)
  • Prostrate health (check out the recipe below!)
  • Heavy periods
  • Increased blood flow for (ahem) “men’s health”
  • Joint function, especially in the knees for runner’s
Movement and flow isn’t all it’s about though. Cypress is also a favorite for cellulite, restlessness in the legs at night, and even using with a hot compress over the lungs to support coughs and respiratory health. You can also check out the science behind Cypress right here.

Emotionally, it helps us get unstuck.

This means whether your motivation is waning, or you are struggling to release trapped emotions, Cypress helps to increase flexibility in our rigid thoughts, open the dam on our emotions, and even tap into a sense of ease and flow in our work.

How to Use Cypress Essential Oil

This one is not suitable for internal use in any way.
Topically, dilute to your needs and apply over or as near as possible to the area of the concern (for instance, your knees where you might feel discomfort, the lower abdomen for bladder or prostate health, or use during a gentle massage moving toward the heart for circulation and lymph movement).
Aromatically, you can diffuse as you normally would for your diffuser. Try adding in other tree oils or citrus oils to make some yummy blends!

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