Friday, March 23, 2018

(1) Reiki Attunements - on YouTube

(1) Reiki Attunements - YouTube: energy & connection, reconnect with the physical body on 1st Level.. the universal self is reactivated. you generate this key.

Reiki Attunements.

Reiki is taught in four different levels to allow you integrate each Reiki Attunement level. Increase your energy with each Reiki attunement. Find out about each Reiki Attunements Courses Dublin Ireland.

2. the emotional level of our magnetic field. u just observe them and dissolve emotions. It s a practice based therapy, it gives you ability.

3. advanced reiki; with the mental patterns can be in your family line u can let go of, just keep what u need.

4. U reconnect with the higher aspect of myslef. Master.

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