Thursday, February 01, 2018

Powered by SMS Crossbow: Text message marketing/lead generation video overview;

Powered by SMS: Text message marketing/lead generation video overview:



But Wait... There's More...

Introducing A Brand New Technology To Powered By SMS Called SMS Connect

SMS Connect is a powerful "pop-up" script that connects your best prospects to YOU, automatically!
  • When they're about to exit the website, as an exit pop-up.
  • If they've been IDLE, it can re-awaken them
  • If they hover over certain sections of a page

Here's how it works, in 2 simple steps

Step 1: SMS Connect springs to life on your page creating a call to action

Step 2: Both the prospect and YOU get instant notification right on your phone

Imagine having the INSTANT ability to connect via text message or phone call with a prospect who's on your website right now, asking to be contacted!

Will this affect my existing cell phone data plan?
Not in the least! Powered By SMS doesn't use any of the data allotted to you through your carriers plan.

Where do I find quality mobile leads to add to the system?
That's easy! Right within your Powered By SMS dashboard, there's a little button that says MOBILE LEADS. You can buy directly from us and as a customer courtesy, have them imported for you OR you can provide your own mobile leads. But be forewarned... the leads used MUST BE 100% MOBILE. No land lines are permitted.

Is there any support / training available?
Yes! We provide around the clock email support. There is also a live chat option available during normal business hours to assist you.

How can I make money using sms marketing?
Do you have an hour? Seriously. There are SOOOO many ways to profit from sms marketing including but not limited too text broadcasting, 2 way chat, video text message, live dials, live video, etc...

Are there any recurring (monthly) payments?
No. Todays license is a ONE TIME payment only.

I want to broadcast out more than 1K a day. How can I do that?
Yes. You will have the option to upgrade to our "Enterprise" version which is $97/mo. That will give you the ability to send out 4K per day or 120,000 per month. (Not including text credits). This is an EXCLUSIVE customer only option found within your Powered By SMS dashboard. The upgrade is (NOT) a one time offer.

How much are text credits?
Pricing on text credits will vary depending on package ordered but the average price per text credit will be $.0125 cents to $.025 cents. (1 credit = 1 text message)

So for example, a broadcast of 1,000 would cost in the range of $12.50 - $25.00

Does it matter if I'm on a MAC or PC?
Makes no difference at all! Powered By SMS is 100% web based so you can access it off any PC, MAC, laptop, tablet, iPhone or Android.

Is Powered By SMS FTC Compliant?
Yes. FTC compliance requires each outbound SMS message to include REMOVAL / STOP instructions which is automatically done. Furthermore, each Powered BY SMS license holder must agree to NOT broadcast before 9 AM and after 9 PM per time zone. In addition, no one is permitted to use harvested or scraped cell phone numbers. Violators of these rules will have their accounts terminated without notice and without refund.

I have additional questions that need to be addressed. Can I chat with someone?
Of course! We want you to feel comfortable with your purchase. You can connect with us right now. Click the live chat box on the bottom right hand side of the screen after viewing all the videos on this website.

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