Saturday, February 17, 2018

Intranquil Spirit Spell Service, For Returning a Lost Lover, Mircea Moldovan, 9 Day Working - The Barefoot Witchery Shoppe

Our Original Intranquil Spirit Spell Service, For Returning a Lost Lover, 9 Day Working - The Barefoot Witchery Shoppe: "

  1. Prayer to the Intranquil Spirits
In the Holy Name of God, I invoke you.  Spirit that Dominates MVM, Spirit of Disorder Intranquil Spirits, Restless Spirits, Spirit of John the Conquer, Spirit of John of the Crossroads, Spirit of John the Miner,  Spirit of Juan of the Road, Spirits of the Four Winds, that find your self in all paths and all directions.    Spirits of Enchantment, Spirit of Saint Mark de Leon, Spirit of Saint Martha the Dominator, and Saint Helen of Jerusalem.  Spirit of Saint Salvador, and of Saint Ines of the Lost Forest, Spirit of Mary of the Light,
I conjure and invoke thee so that you may aid me in dominating the Five senses of (n.n.).
I conjure the Spirit Guide of (n.n.)  on the holy day in which he was baptized, and for the night he was consumed and for the hour he was born, and for the moment in which he shall die.
I conjure you in front of this sacred flame, let the light represent his head, his body, his arms, his legs, his eyes, his ears, his nose, his mouth.
Hear me oh Spirit that Dominates, that (n.n.)  may not sleep in peace, walk in peace, breath in peace, eat in peace, drink in peace, until humbly he is at my feet full of love and desire only for me.
Bring him crawling on all fours as an obedient dog and as tame as a lamb. 
With one I See you.  With two I Bind You.
With three I Break you.  Blood I shall pour, and your heart I shall break. 
Dominated in mind, body, and Spirit. 
You shall not look upon another without seeing me, you shall not think unless your thoughts are of me.   My words they dominate you, my eyes shall blind you, and my Desire will break you.  As I desire, so shall it be.
Prayer to the Intranquil Spirits
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