Saturday, February 17, 2018

How TO EMPOWER MY OILS-Contact – The Mystics Altar

Contact – The Mystics Altar: "

Another important thing to remember is whatever you are empowering your oils and other magickal potions with, do it by the phase of the Moon and pay close attention to when the moon is void of course. This is very important.

Even if you are dealing with one oil, for instance, using patchouli for banishing, you need to empower and enchant it. Even if you bought a potion from a store already prepared, you need to empower and enchant it yourself. If you bought some herb teas from the grocery store, you can empower and enchant the teas as well for whatever the occasion. For instance, if you bought some Cinnamon Apple tea which contains cinnamon and orange peel, which are both good for psychic abilities, then charge your tea for that. I also add mullin spices which has Allspice and cloves in it which is great for the Crone Goddess, not even mentioning the apple. I always drink this tea throughout the month, whatever the phase of the Moon, because it is a good psychic ability enhancer. So, I stack up on mullin spices at Yule.  So, you really do not need to drink any Mugwart!

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