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7-Best Essential Oils for Age Spots - Frankincense; Swiss Ultimate Labs

7-Best Essential Oils for Age Spots - Swiss Ultimate Labs: "[:O)

#7 Oil for Age Spots: Rose Essential Oil
Research indicates Rose essential oil contains many anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial compounds which assist in speeding up healing. As a result, Rose cleanses the skin and tones its texture making it also one of the best remedies for dermatitis and psoriasis get recommended Rose oil here . VIDEO on How to Use ROSE Oil
#6 Oil for Age SpotsGeranium Essential Oil
Geranium oil is one of the all-time, proven favorites for anti-aging skin care age 35+. The geranium-oilwonderful scent and powerful elements in Geranium make it my “go-to” oil, whenever anyone asks me for a recommendation for a single, pro-aging oil.
How Rose Geranium oil works: helps enhance hand appearance by increasing blood circulation just below the surface of the skin, while promoting equal distribution of melanin. Geranium oil also has astringent and tightening qualities for skin care – which can be a real benefit for sagging or wrinkled skin get recommended Geranium oil here . Geranium oil works especially well on hands when used with an Essential Oil Booster device (click here)
#5 Oil for Age SpotsCarrot Seed Essential Oil
This amazing essential oil is chock-full of powerful anti-oxidants that can help prevent the signs carrot-seedof aging from appearing. One of my favorite rejuvenation oils in nature’s arsenal
How Carrot essential oil works: derived from the dried seeds of the wild carrot plant, the oil nourishes, tightens, and rejuvenates skin. VIDEO on How to Use CARROT SEED Oil
Carrot essential oil safety: Important: not to be used by pregnant women, as there may some concerns there. This restriction also applies to individuals with a history of epilepsy (if you or someone you love has epilepsy, do not use essential oils in general, as they can trigger over-stimulation. If in doubt, perform skin-patch test)
#4 Oil for Age SpotsHelichrysum Essential Oil
Numerous scientific studies have been conducted into Helichrysum oils over the last several helidecades. The focus of many studies has been to identify just how helichrysum italicum (a member of the Sunflower family) acts as a natural anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and a natural fading agent for skin discoloration. This amazing oil can give effective, long-lasting results when used for; psoriasis, fading age spots, eczema and other skin conditions. In addition, it can help with pain relief and tissue regeneration on your hands and face. You can also use this beneficial oil as a sun radiation protector get recommendedHelichrysum oil here . Helichriysum oil works especially well on hands when used with an Essential Oil Booster device – helps oils go deeper (click here)
#3 Oil for Age SpotsLavender Essential Oil
Looking beyond this oil’s relaxing aroma, there’s more to the oil than just a wonderful fragrance.lavenderLavender has strong skin-regeneration properties, and also is an anti-inflammatory (inflammation tends to occur more as we get older and reducing inflammation can lead to a more youthful appearance) get recommended Lavender oil here .
How Lavender essential oil works: lavender” comes from the Latin word, “lavare,” which means “to wash. Anti-microbial, Lavender oil helps to soothe skin and reduce irritation – delaying fine-lines, easing skin discoloration associated with age spots (caused by the Sun) and other causes
#2 Oil for Age SpotsSandalwood Essential Oil61tQlRykZeL._SX522aa
Acts as a skin regenerative, astringent and a natural skinsandaltonic. Essential oil of sandalwood fades age spots, soothes the skin and helps scars and spots to heal much faster. It is a very old practice to use paste of sandalwood as a skin pack. The same effect can be obtained from using this essential oil. This oil is now extensively used in skin care soaps, lotions and creams get recommendedSandalwood oil here.
#1 Oil for Age SpotsFrankincense Essential Oil
FrankincenseHighly valued for its rarity and anti-aging properties throughout the ages. Frankincense evens tone gently and effectively, while helping tighten sagging skin. Perfect for hands and face. Frankincense oil works on hands especially well on hands when used with an Essential Oil Booster device to help the oil go deeper (click here)
How Frankincense oil works: This fragrant natural resin extracted from tree bark is transformed into an essential oil that promotes healthy cell regeneration and keeps existing cells and tissues healthy. Anti-inflammatory, astringent, antiseptic get recommended Frankincense oil here.
Essential oils are STRONG: With all treatments, please ensure you dilute your essential oils with a carrier oil. Step-by-step guide on how to dilute your essential oils with a carrier oil.
Until next time, please look after yourself!

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