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Bernardo Barranco V.
Hell is aplace or condition of eternal punishment. All the great religions, in different ways, delay the idea of ​​hell as the torment of those people or condemned peoples.Hell derives from the Latin infernumor inferior, as the place of sin. In various non-Christian mythologies, hell is the place inhabited turbulently by the spirits of the cursed dead.
The elections of 2018 began in the election of the state of Mexico. It was a Mexican electoral hell. There were the most arbitrary abuses that can be remembered. More than a state election, there was a systemic fraud, as the entire government apparatus fraudulently resorted to coercing the citizen vote before the tepid gaze of the electoral authorities. The Mexican election is a sinister mirror that is feared by new major abuses in 2018. In our democratic jaloneada, the electoral is becoming a space dominated by the greed of power. Win at all costs and no matter how. The electoral territory is an area of ​​temptation and torment, Gehenna in the Hebrew tradition, by authoritarian excess and simulation. The forms and principles are blurred to maintain the power of a political group, a clique or a person. The painful transition to democracy now carries electoral processes impregnated by multiple versions of fraud. Old and new variants of fraud. Activists and supporters become operators. The electoral thing is a confused cocktail, an area of ​​social sins that only the doctors of the law and the Pharisees understand. The elections have become a strip of dispute, bitterness and dirty war, smear campaigns and agandalle, is that the democratic dispute? Power without principles and principles without power. Elections, far from being a citizen's party, have become an unscrupulous conflagration, the prelude to averno and authoritarianism.
You will question, to the one who writes, that it is an excess to intersperse electoral politics with eschatological theologies, to interweave religion with politics. And I reply to the reader that such debauchery comes from the same political class in the current process of the pre-campaigns. José Antonio Meade, in homily, before Mexican women talking about advent. Andrés López Obrador calling for an ecumenical dialogue , meetings between believers and non-believers.Éric Flores, evangelical leader of the Social Encounter Party, redefines Juarez and Liberal. On the contrary, Enrique Ochoa, president of the PRI, decrees with the tone of a Pentecostal pastor that all Mexicans are Guadalupan. What happens, political leaders and candidates for the Presidency become cheap preachers of the faith? The scandal that caused Vicente Fox to wave the guadalupano standard at the beginning of his presidential campaign in 1999, now falls short of the disturbance of roles: politicians who feel like pastors and pastors turned into politicians. Does the political class want the divine redemption or win the kingdom of heaven? Of course not, they want power at all costs. And the apocalyptic signals multiply. The General Council of the INE appointed Lizandro Núñez Picazo as the new head of the Inspection Technical Unit. The minor problem is that he has been subordinated to Meade, now a presidential candidate, but his precedence. Now, just when the Ministry of Finance is involved in a major scandal to collude with diversion of resources to support the electoral campaigns of the PRI, as recorded in the statements of Jaime Herrera Corral, former Secretary of Finance of that entity. The candor and arrogance of the INE advisors border on suspicion and, of course, fertilize distrust.
Special mention deserves the coalition between Morena and the PES. Andrés López Obrador, in particular, has created confusion and anger among the party's own militancy. It is no accident that in the formal act of the alliance with the PES, both the playwright Jesusa Rodríguez and the writer Elena Poniatowska will publicly demonstrate against this commonwealth. Many affirm that it is a strange marriage, but not so much between the Pentecostal party and AMLO, who described the proximity as a moral alliance . Éric Flores in recent years has dedicated himself to selling the supposed benefits of the evangelical vote to PAN members with Calderón and PRI members in the last elections. Now he has done it again, but with AMLO.Many morose morenistas remember the PES, of Pentecostal character, that was at the head of the marches against the egalitarian marriages, only last year. His moral character is very conservative in topics such as the role of women, conception, abortion, sexuality and gay couples. His hostility to homosexuals had no limit, they joined the Catholic extreme right in September 2016. His program is traditionalist and there are indications, moreover, that he maintains close ties with the Interior Minister and ill-fated PRI presidential candidate, Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong. Without a doubt, a pragmatic calculation is being carried out at AMLO, who is betting on a mass of evangelical voterswhose floor is one million 300 thousand votes that the PES obtained in 2015 and which allowed it to maintain its registration. In exchange, 75 candidatures were negotiated for the Chamber of Deputies in favor of the PES. Now it can attract even more voters, according to the promises of Éric Flores, it could grow twice as much for the AMLO cause in those areas where Morena is weak. The bottom question is: Does brunette subtract or increase the number of votes? Or increase votes by subtracting a qualitatively powerful electorate. The inclusion of the PES has caused the discomfort of sympathetic minorities, who hold ancestry and intellectual leadership in public opinion. Many militants and numerous supporters of Morena belong to the secular left. Activists that nourish feminist movements, that advocate sexual diversity and protect homosexual minorities. Also among the radical militancy of the PES, there is discomfort for having joined a controversial character like AMLO and engaging with actors hostile to their principles and trajectory. There is an insurmountable and antagonistic contradiction that goes beyond pragmatic calculations, which can represent a time bomb in the campaign and in the candidacy of AMLO. Oh poor Mexico! Not only so far from God and so close to the United States, now, living the electoral hell itself, so far from Juarez.

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