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PAYMENTS FROM AMAZON.com, After APPEAL TODAY: Olga Lazin - http://www.drolgacoaching.self-esteemfirstdrolga.com/2...

Olga Lazin - http://www.drolgacoaching.self-esteemfirstdrolga.com/2...:

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Updated payment schedule
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Hello, olga lazin

You recently updated your credit card information, and bulk product uploads are now re-enabled on your account. Funds from your sales will be available 7 days after the estimated delivery date of an order. If you use a shipping carrier that provides tracking information to Amazon, funds will be available 7 days after an order's actual delivery date.

For example, you sell an item on January 1, and the latest estimated delivery date is January 15. Funds from that sale will now be available on January 23.

Once funds are available, they will be transferred to you on your next payment date. Any fees, refunds, A-to-z claims, or chargebacks on your orders will be deducted from your available balance. This may reduce the total amount paid to you.

This payment schedule also gives you the option to transfer available funds once a day. To start a transfer, visit the Reports section of Seller Central (https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/payments-account/settlement-summary.html). Here, you can see your account balance, payment schedule, and reserve amount.

Learn more about payment schedules and shipping carriers that provide tracking to Amazon in Seller Central Help (https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/help/202124090).

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