Thursday, January 25, 2018

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like Ethereum that gained 2,206% in months, Reddcoin that exploded 1,576% in one week, Litecoin that went up a whopping 2,823% in 40 days, NEO that grew 8,247% in less than 100 days, and NewYorkCoin that surged 2,757% in just one night.
It's growth like this that is making millionaires out of some ordinary Americans. You showed me how Thomas started buying penny crypto currencies while he was still a senior in a New York college. Now he's a millionaire many times over. Patrick, a former U.S. Marine, has millions in his bank thanks to penny crypto currencies. And John has enough millions to set himself and his four children up for life, again thanks to crypto currencies.
Script My Get-Rich Story with
This 17-Cent Crypto Currency
In your presentation, I learned about the crypto currency you believe is leading the charge in the penny crypto currency market. The best news about this soon-to-be-big-name crypto currency is that it is still trading for pennies—17 cents to be exact. You believe with the backing of the big banks that have already gotten into this play, this 17-cent crypto currency is all but set to grow at a stratospheric pace.
All I need to know about it is in the special investor report you've written titled, Bigger Than Bitcoin: The 17-Cent Crypto Currency That Can Make You a Millionaire.
In this report, I'll learn:
  • How crypto currencies work and why they are the fastest-growing form of payment for goods and services right now
  • Where crypto currencies trade, how to buy them and how to get the best price…especially if I have never traded crypto currencies before
  • Why crypto currencies are not a fad and why they'll only grow from here
  • How trading crypto currencies can make me rich
  • Everything I need to know about the 17-cent crypto currency you told me about in your presentation, including where to buy it and when to know it's the optimal time to take profits and sell it!
Welcome to Pennies to Millions
I get my report, Bigger Than Bitcoin: The 17-Cent Crypto Currency That Can Make You a Millionaire, FREE for trying your financial advisory, Pennies to Millionsthe newsletter that specializes in small-cap tech opportunities that make our lives better while making investors rich.
In your presentation, you told me about the gains on the tech recommendations you have made, including gains of:
  • 1,766% on Jazz Pharmaceuticals
  • 997% on Cambrex
  • 910% on Aviat Networks
  • 892% on Constellation Brands
  • 783% on Silicon Motion Technology
  • 766% on Gastar Exploration
  • 665% on Tal Education, and more
In fact, all 33 investment recommendations you have made in Pennies to Millions since 2014 have gone up in price!
And you're telling me while these gains are good, you believe the returns from your 17-cent crypto currency that can make me a millionaire are about to dwarf them all.
Through this offer, when I join today, aside from my research report Bigger Than Bitcoin: The 17-Cent Crypto Currency That Can Make You a Millionaire, I'll get…
  • Monthly issues of Pennies to Millions: Delivered right to my e-mail inbox. These monthly issues offer in-depth analysis of your favorite top tech picks including penny crypto currencies
  • Portfolio updates: Each issue carries regular updates on all your open recommendations with buy, sell, or hold advice so I know exactly what to do
  • E-alerts: Sent straight to my e-mail inbox when an opportunity arises that cannot wait until the next monthly issue or when it's time to sell one of your open picks
  • Customer support staff: If I have any questions, I can call your support staff at anytime and get live help from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST
Through this offer, I won't pay the regular $295 price for Pennies to Millions.
All I'll pay is $6 to test drive your research.
For $6, you will give me 30 days to check out the current issue of Pennies to Millions, the profits on your past recommendations, and your present open portfolio of picks.
If I don't like what I see, I'll just let you know by phone or e-mail that I don't want to continue, and that will be it.
I will have risked $6, but I get to keep my issue of Pennies to Millions and the investor research report Bigger Than Bitcoin: The 17-Cent Crypto Currency That Can Make You a Millionaire.
On the other hand, if I do like what I see and want to continue getting the recommendations you make in Pennies to Millions
…I'll do nothing, and at the end of my 30-day trial period, you'll charge my credit card $91.50 to cover the balance of my discounted six-month subscription to Pennies to Millions.
Crypto currencies have taken off and their use in the Internet age will only grow from here, with Ethereum already up 2,206%,Reddcoin exploding 1,576% in one week, Litecoin up a whopping 2,823% in 40 days and NEO up 8,247% in less than 100 days, among others…
And you say the 17-cent crypto currency I learned about in your presentation could repeat the explosive growth story of these digital currencies…and maybe even set new profit records!
So get me started today!

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Welcome to NewBitCoinTraderSystem_373533 - - Gmail:

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