Wednesday, January 03, 2018

AUDIBLE IMAGE FORMATTING: T 973-820-0400 . F. 820-0505

Cover A displays an appropriately formatted image
that would be accepted into production. Native size
2400x2400 pixels (not to scale in this document), with a
resolution of 72dpi. Some elements had to change size or
placement to accommodate the square size.
Cover B is an example of a cover that’s been rejected for
not meeting spec. Although sized appropriately, we do not
accept covers that add borders on the sides (in this
example, white bars) of the original cover sized for print
editions. We are asking for true square covers (which may
mean layout changes) to add into our production.
Another incorrect example is C. It is essentially the same
rectangular image in B, stretched to meet our image spec. This also goes for smaller sized images, Cover D,
being scaled up to meet the size spec. Although this does meet our size requirements, there is too much
noise and pixelation added to the image when scaling up that prevents sharpness and readable. TEL.

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