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About Amazon Assistant

The Amazon Assistant (formerly the 1Button App) is a free suite of software applications available for select browsers and operating systems that comes with features to help you compare products and prices while searching and shopping online.
In addition, you can add items to your Lists from most places on the web and customize your experience to receive notifications on deals, your Amazon transactions, special offers and more. The Amazon Assistant lets you explore Amazon from your desktop or tablet.
The Amazon Assistant requires an Amazon account and an Internet connection, and is offered in a variety of forms on a variety of platforms, including as an extension for your web browser and a plug-in that may be included in or added to third party toolbars, browsers and other third party software applications. The Amazon Assistant may not be compatible with all web browsers or other software applications.
For a list of supported browsers and operating systems, go to the Amazon Assistant information page.

About Amazon Assistant for mobile

Amazon Assistant helps you make better decisions wherever you shop online by displaying products from Amazon as you shop on retailer websites. Keep an eye out for product and price comparisons that can save you time and money. Amazon Assistant works automatically - right in your browser - helping you shop by delivering product matches from Amazon.
To learn more about Amazon Assistant for mobile, visit the Google Play store.
For more information about the information that's collected and stored by the Amazon Assistant, go to the Amazon Assistant Conditions of Use.

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