Friday, January 26, 2018

ADD GUCCI to my AMAZON STORE<[CASE 4561498921] US - Product Group Approval Request - Topicals - - Gmail

RE:[CASE 4561498921] US - Product Group Approval Request - Topicals - - Gmail: "

Dear Seller,

Thank you for writing back to us.

I understand that you would like us to go ahead and close this case. As per your request I have gone ahead and closed this case for now. However, if you still intend to sell restricted products on Amazon, you can always create a new application by following the steps below.

1. In Seller Central, click the Inventory link and select Add a Product
2. Run a search for the item you wish to sell
3. In the search results, click the “Listing limitations apply” link across from the item
4. Click the Request Approval button to begin the application process

To check the status of an application, return to the Add a Product tool and click the “Selling application status” link towards the top of the page.

Have a great day!

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Dear Seller,
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