Monday, December 11, 2017

AppsVillage App Setup | My Two Apps: Coaching And EQUAL PAY For WOMEN

AppsVillage App Setup |:

Why can't I find my App on Google Play or AppStore ?
Our new platform uses a new technology that allows us to launch Apps immediately without any limitations from Apple or Google, and upload software updates easily and seamlessly.
We have eliminated those problems by providing you with "one touch" installable link. That means that it takes only 1 step for your customer to install it on its home screen.
This technology has proven to have better user conversion so it is likely that more customers will download your app.
We no longer submit apps to Apple and Google since this technology offers the same benefits without the risks of being rejected for strict policy app store guidelines or fees charged by the app stores (Apple charges an annual fee of $100).
It's true that your app cannot be found on the app stores but users rarely look up for business apps just for no reason. Such apps are usually linked from social network posts or campaigns in the business social page, QR code and link hanged or handed out in the business premises, Google Ads, newsletters, etc., so instead of posting a link to the app stores you post the link we provide you immediately once you create an App.

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