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What are the creepiest photos ever? Mladics

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Ana-Katarina Kralj
This is what true evil looks like.
This is one of most disgraceful, disgusting, diabolical acts ever caught on a photographic film.
“But Ana-Katarina, this photo shows just a soldier giving out food and candies to villagers?!
Nothing wrong about that, right?”
The man pictured is Ratko Mladić, the leader of the Army of Republika Srpska in 1995. The villagers are from a place called Srebrenica, under the Army’s occupation at the time. The photo was taken in July 1995.
In July 1995, Mladić deliberately called foreign reporters to come with him and photograph him doing his charity work, sharing food to the women and children under his occupation, to make the occupation seem humane.
Except that, at the same time this photo was taken, the killings of 8000 of their husbands and fathers were taking place.
Under his command and explicit order.
Mladić ordered genocide of the Bosnian Muslim men and boys in the town of Srebrenica. They were separated from their wives and daughters, shot and buried in mass graveyards.
22 years later, on 22nd November 2017, Mladić was sentenced to life sentence in the ICTY trial in Hague.
Think about it. Think about the mindset it takes to enable you to go and hand out candies to children, while knowing you are killing their fathers and brothers, grandfathers and uncles, at that same time.
At that same moment.
You will never forget this photo. It shows you that true evil looks banal, normal. No need for blood and gore. No need for wounds and violence.
A true example of the words my R.E. teacher said to me:
“You cannot photograph a moral act. You cannot discern the morality of the act from a single photo.”
Edit: The death of a war criminal’s daughter
This was Ana Mladić, Ratko Mladić’s daughter.
Ana and Ratko Mladić.
Ana was an excellent student at the School of Medicine, Belgrade University. She had a boyfriend named Dragan. Ratko didn’t like Dragan.
So, in an almost Biblical development, Ratko mobilized Dragan and arranged to put him on the frontline. Dragan died at the battlefield.
We’ll never know whether Ana found out about what her father has done, because in 1994, a year before Srebrenica massacre, Ana took her father’s gun and killed herself.
Ratko was devastated by his loss. He demanded to put makeup on her corpse before her funeral.
This should give you more than enough information about that human(?)’s personality.


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