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AUGUST 15, 2012

White Tigress Sexual Secrets

submitted by Amara CharlesBack
While western scientists and drug companies are scrambling to unlock the mysteries of – female desire, the sexual teachings of the White Tigress are quietly revolutionizing women’s views on sexuality around the world. One of their quotes from an ancient Chinese Sex Manual states that, ‘If you cannot face directly into your sexuality, you will never discover your true spirituality.
Propagated in secrecy through small clusters of female Taoists, a rare lineage from ancient China has preserved the secrets of their tradition for hundreds of years.
These women, known as White Tigresses long ago knew that a woman’s passion and sexuality is directly connected to her health and well-being. They knew what many are now coming to realize for themselves- sex is great for women.
After practicing these teachings for years I have come to discover a few things about sex- it’s one of the three best things in life, and I can’t remember the other two. I have come to understand we need intimate physical connection at least as much as food, and when we don’t have enough we get old fast. Tigresses understood what keeps us from becoming a stuffy, prim, respectable and seemingly ‘finished’ old woman. They understood that if we know how to use our sexual energy, it never has to wane.
Interestingly, medical science is confirming the many health benefits of sex- finally for women too! The Hebrew University performed studies on semen and found it contained high levels of micronutrients and proteins that are par excellence for the skin. Studies also showed increased frequency of performing oral sex creates a greater production of saliva, and the micronutrients in saliva have been proven to break down fat cells. Yes, this means you can lose weight performing oral sex- but more on this later.
Sexual Longevity and the White Tigress 
Were White Tigresses wanton lusty women who practiced indiscriminate sexual acts? Hardly! They were highly disciplined and selective in their sexually and extremely conscious of their safety and health. Unlike many spiritual traditions, Tigresses viewed the expression of passion as central to a woman’s well being. Taoist in nature, their goals were simple: to live a long, happy and healthy life, which for them meant, “being youthful in old age.”
As rare and powerful as white tigers in the wild, they are renown for their exquisite beauty, gracefulness and total femininity. Their origins can be traced to the long lineages of courtesans, Tantrikas, and Geishas of Eastern cultures, which flourished for centuries in part by honoring the cultivation of feminine intelligence and beauty. The unique aspect of the White Tigress is their claim that women have their own unique process for acquiring the physical and spiritual goals of Taoism, namely restoring youthfulness and ultimately achieving immortality through a disciplined use of sexuality. Tigresses viewed their sexuality as a spiritual gift, and they knew how to use it well to stay healthy and young.
Harnessing Sexual ChiTigresses considered puberty, when a young girl’s body is ripening into its first potent flair of vitality, a precious period of a young girl’s life. During this time of puberty, a young girl is called the Jade Maiden, for her initial curiosities about sex were just beginning to emerge in her body and spirit like a young shoot peeking through the ground. A Jade Maiden is new to the mysterious world of sex. The vitality of her changing body is at it’s apex. Everything about the Jade Maiden; her hair, eyes, and skin have a natural youthful glow and her internal organs are healthy and robust. This vital condition of body and spirit is what White Tigresses sought to restore in women of any age.
Unfortunately, many women have not realized the precious state of their own puberty. For most women the initial surges of sexual energy sparking a new type of interest in the opposite sex along with the appearance of breasts and pubic hair signaled an oscillating phase of excitement mixed with confusion and insecurity. What was she to do with these remarkable sensations and surges of sexual energy? What kinds of messages were given to her about her sex? Mostly left on their own to understand and utilize these new feelings, she was prone to doubt and and anxiety about what to do. More often she was told what not to do, but so rarely guided as to how she should because women rarely received positive acknowledgement, guidance or respectful understanding of the transformations occurring in her body and spirit, the time of puberty was not valued by women. Thus, rather than being protected like a young new shoot, delicate, fragile innocent and curious, she was left to fend for her self questioning her own power. No wonder so many women fear their own sexual energy.
Yet for the Tigress, puberty was recognized as a time when our bodies, minds and our life force energy were at their peak and they sought to recreate the positive aspects of adolescence both physically and mentally.
Think about how exciting it was to date, how we looked forward to meeting someone we liked, how thrilling it was to have our (often clandestine) first kiss… During adolescence, when we were playful and light in our flirtations. During puberty, our initial curiosities about sex meant our hormones were soaring, we felt more energetic and filled vital energy. Tigresses viewed these early sexual feelings as beneficial- and they maintained any woman who enjoyed exhibiting her charms could recreate these energies in her mind and body at any age. They knew the more youthful our minds became, the more youthful our bodies would remain. By deliberately recreating the positive aspects of puberty (with greater wisdom and safety than we had as girls!), Tigresses sought to fully embrace their femininity rather than discard it.
There are several ways she did this: the first was by practicing having a playful, yet very sensuous attitude in her mind. She allowed herself to enjoy attractive men and engage in light exhibitionism. She enjoyed the attention of men and welcomed their natural attraction to her. Tigresses were also probably as “health conscious” as many of us are today- they watched their diets, took herbal formulas practiced qigong and martial arts, and most importantly, maintained certain sexual “disciplines” to preserve their youthful demeanor.
Balancing Yin and Yang Energies
White Tigresses engaged in two primary oral practices to internally balance their yin and yang energies. In the first,Congealing the Dragon’s Jade, she makes use of male semen to restore her skin and hair. In the second practice, she focuses on the absorption of male sexual energy, referred to as Absorbing the Dragon’s Breath. Absorption is the ability to bring the energy of the male orgasm into herself, whereby she then uses that masculine (yang) energy to strengthen her own feminine (yin) energy.
Tigresses considered sex much like a wild horse: if left on its own it could incur harm, while if well groomed and cared for could gracefully thrive giving us the freedom to ride wherever we like… Though many female Taoists and Tigresses remain reclusive-as it is often their nature to disappear into the mountains- their teachings quietly echo through the valleys.
White Tigress Oral Sex
White Tigresses engage in two primary oral practices to revitalize their yin and yang energies. In the first, Congealing the Dragon’s Jade, she makes use of male semen to restore her skin and hair. In the second practice, she focuses on enjoying male sexual energy, referred to as Absorbing the Dragon’s Breath. Absorption is the ability to induce and receive the energy of the male orgasm into herself, whereby she strengthens her own, as well as her partner’s energies.
Tigresses viewed oral sex as far more than mere foreplay and it was considered the most important part of her early training. Not only did it help preserve her physical beauty, it could lead to transcendent states of spiritual illumination.These, and other transformational sexual practices that were meant to be healing for both men and women have long been held secret and were controversial in nearly every society. In China, where the preservation of the male lineage has dominated religious and political laws for centuries, little importance was given to women maintaining their youth or health. The truth is White Tigresses were imprisoned in China for their practices and those that survived went underground for many reasons. These teachings are also foreign to Western sensibilities where longstanding religious philosophy regarded anything of the flesh as sinful. Yet as many are beginning to sense there is more to sex than getting our needs met, a growing number are seeking ways to express their sexual passion with greater care and spiritual intention.
White Tigresses are quite rare and while their traditions are being adapted to suit our culture, their practices have survived due to the courage of a long lineage of dedicated women and men that still exist in secluded places. For the most part the methods of restoring youthfulness and creating the conditions for immortality have been handed down from teacher to student, often from sister to sister. Though many female Taoists and Tigresses remain reclusive, as it is their nature to disappear like mist in the mountains, their teachings and their beauty quietly echos through the valleys.
(c)2011 Amara Charles  reprint by permission of author only
In beauty, Amara Hsien Ku
Tigress of the Jade Moon
For More information about the feminine Taoist practices, White Tigresses and Green Dragons, see D Y E N Feminine SpringTaoist Sexual Arts Workshops and the Jade Moon Correspondence Coursewith Amara.
Amara Charles is a highly acclaimed sex and intimacy expert who has taught workshops internationally since 1989, helping men and women reconnect with their passion, reclaim their sexual energy and deepen their appreciation for life. Charles is the author of several books, including The Sexual Practices of Quodoushka. Published by Inner Traditions/Bear & CO., it will be available in wide release in August 2011. Charles has been a guest on BBC, ABC radio, and HBO and has spoken at numerous national and international conferences where she gives presentations about sex and intimacy for various groups, corporate clients and universities
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The only way for a rich man to be healthy is by exercise and abstinence, to live as if he were poor.
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Interesting response Comerrona. However, I believe there is more than one way for a rich man to be healthy. I think that moderation rather the abstinence is the key. In my view, To abstain from sex is unnatural, and has certainly caused many men to be unhealthy.
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