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The Invent + Patent System™ - Do It Yourself Provisional Patent Filing Made Easy - Just $99* - | Patents & Patent Law

The Invent + Patent System™ - Do It Yourself Provisional Patent Filing Made Easy - Just $99* - | Patents & Patent Law:

The Invent + Patent System™ – Do It Yourself Provisional Patent Filing Made Easy – Just $99*

How to Patent Your Invention – Provisional Patent Filing Made Easy and Affordable
The Invent + Patent System™ is an innovative approach to the patent process that will assist you in drafting your own Provisional Patent Application.  This is a 100% Do-It-Yourself system that will help you think about different aspects of your invention you might not otherwise have thought of, which are essential when drafting a Provisional Patent Application.  Once you go through the system you will be able to download an editable version of your Provisional Patent Application along with in-depth instructions on how to edit your and file your provisional patent application at the USPTO (filing fees payable to the USPTO will apply).
The Invent + Patent System™ has been significantly updated in the first quarter of 2017, and we are excited to launch our all newer version, Version 5.0. Please watch the video below, which explains the philosophy behind the Invent + Patent System™ and shows you what you can expect.
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First – Invention Disclosure & Formulation

Those who have not yet reached the invention stage can use the system to collect their thoughts and begin to pull their ideas together. Do you want to know how to patent your invention? To file a patent application you do not need to have a working prototype, you just need to be able to explain the invention so others could make and use the invention. With this in mind, the Invent + Patent System™ can be effectively used to coax users into formulating their ideas in a more tangible way so that the concepts can move from a pure idea into something descriptive enough to be legally viewed as an invention.

Second – Preparing a Provisional Patent Application

The Invent + Patent System™ can be used to create a Provisional Patent Application that can be filed by the inventor at the United States Patent Office.** At the completion of the online questionnaire, you will receive an editable provisional patent application template that includes instructions on how to tweak the application in the preparation of filing it. You will also receive detailed filing instructions and a link to a fillable version of the required cover sheet that you will need to include when file your provisional patent application at the Unites States Patent and Trademark Office. **

Third – Before Hiring a Patent Attorney

The Invent + Patent System™ can be used by those who want to take the first step toward filing a nonprovisional utility patent application with the United States Patent Office or filing an international patent application with the United States Patent Office. You can use the system to collect all the information necessary to turn over to a patent attorney who will then be in a much better position to actually begin drafting a nonprovisional patent application on your behalf.
In this incarnation, the system provides far greater efficiencies than simply working with a patent attorney following the traditional approach. This is because in the traditional situation an inventor contacts a patent attorney with an idea, or perhaps a sketch and a few paragraphs of text. The attorney then must try to interpret this information and put it into the format required to file a patent application. The procedure could involve many sessions – back and forth – between the inventor and attorney before a satisfactory first draft could be produced. That process is slow, expensive and frustrating. Ultimately, an application would be filed not because it has covered the invention to the fullest extent possible but because the inventor could not afford to pay the patent attorney to spend any additional time working on the application.
By using the Invent + Patent System™ you essentially pay the patent attorney for adding value rather than figuring out what your invention is in the first place. This leads to a far more complete patent application, which ultimately means better, stronger, broader patent rights are achieved. Our experience also shows that those who faithfully and carefully follow the instructions throughout the Invent + Patent System™ will provide so much detailed information that the cost of preparing and filing a nonprovisional patent application will be significantly reduced. As a general rule, the more you can do before you go to an attorney the more time and money you will save. Using the Invent + Patent System™ will save you far more time and money than it costs to use.


The Invent + Patent System™ is a self-help system and the use of this system will not create any attorney-client representation relationship.  IPWatchdog, Inc. and/or its employees and independent contractors will not represent the customers in any capacity, including before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Among other things, this means that no patent application will be filed by or on behalf of the user submitting this questionnaire.  Notwithstanding, Gene Quinn is a patent attorney (Reg. No. 44,294) and is required to keep all information he receives relating to inventions confidential even if no representation relationship exists.  The staff of IPWatchdog, Inc. are likewise required to keep information confidential.  To specifically put any concerns to rest we have our Confidentiality Pledge on our website at
PLEASE NOTE: No legal or consulting services will be provided or representation undertaken except after entering into a written representation agreement and the payment of the required retainer.
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Invent + Patent FAQ’s

Q: When I purchase the system, will I be get a package in the mail?
A: No.  There will be nothing mailed to you.  Once you register for our system and purchase your first application, you will be taken to the dashboard where you will be able to start your application as well as download and view the application once it is complete.
Q: How many times can I use the system for the $99 fee?
A:  When you purchase the Invent + Patent System for $99, you get to use the system one time for one invention.  However, on the dashboard of the system, you will have the ability to purchase additional applications for other inventions.

Q: Can I use your system to create a Nonprovisional Patent Application?
A:  No. The Invent + Patent System™ is a system that will assist you in drafting your own Provisional Patent Application only.  There are far more requirements for a nonprovisional patent application that if are not met, will result in your application being rejected.
Q:  Do you offer support on this system?
A:  This is a 100% Do-it-yourself Provisional Patent Application drafting system.  If you cannot access the system, we can assist you with that.  Otherwise, you will need to follow the instructions on how to prepare your application for filing.

Q:  Will an attorney review my application before I file it?
A:  This is not part of the $99 fee for using the Invent + Patent System™.  But once you have gone through the system and completed the application, we do have an additional service that you can purchase in order to have an attorney review your application prior to filing.
Q:  How does your system differ from my just going to the USPTO site and using theirs?
A:  There is no system at the USPTO for drafting a patent application.  You can only file your application on their site.  Our system will take you step by step through the process of divulging the most pertinent information necessary for drafting your provisional patent application.

Q: If I use your system to draft my provisional patent, do I have to use IPWatchdog to draft my nonprovisional patent application?
A: No.  Once you create your provisional patent application, you are free to work with whomever you would like to.
Q: Will IPWatchdog be my attorney when I file my provisional patent application?
A: IPWatchdog is not a law firm.  And although Gene Quinn is a registered patent attorney, there is no contract or client attorney relationship created through the use of the system.  Our system is a 100% Do-it-yourself PPA drafting system.  So when you draft and file your application using this system, you are doing so as an individual inventor and you are NOT being represented by Gene Quinn or IPWatchdog.
Q:  I filed my provisional patent application, now what?
A:  Please note that this is only the first stage of a patent application.  You will have 12 months from the date you file a provisional patent application to then file a nonprovisional patent application, otherwise, your provisional application will go abandoned."

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