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How do I create or modify a product that includes variations?

Creating a product that includes variations

  1. Find the category-specific inventory file template for the product category.
  2. Refer to the Data Definitions tab in the template to see what variation themes are available.
    Note: If no variation theme is listed, you cannot create a product with variations in that category.
  3. In the inventory template, create parent and child SKUs.
  4. On the parent item: 
    1. Enter values for required fields, including SKU.
    2. Leave Parent SKU blank.
    3. Enter a value of "parent" in Parentage and enter a valid value in Variation Theme.
    4. Leave Relationship Type blank.
    5. Leave all other non-required fields blank.
  5. For each child item: 
    1. Enter values for required fields.
    2. Fill in the Parent SKU field using the value from the parent's SKU (value will be the same for all child items).
    3. Enter "child" in Parentage, and enter "variation" in Relationship Type.
    4. In the Variation Theme field, enter the same value that you entered for Variation Theme on the parent (value will be the same for all child items).
    5. Enter values in attribute column(s) related to the variation theme (for example, if the variation theme is flavor-size you must enter valid values in the flavor and size fields for each child item).
    6. Enter values in other optional fields.
  6. Upload the completed inventory file: 
    1. Save your inventory template as a Text (tab-delimited) (*.txt) file.
    2. On the Inventory tab, click Add Products via Upload.
    3. Validate the listings in your template using the Check My File feature and make corrections as necessary.
    4. From the drop-down menu, select the type of file to upload (e.g., Inventory Files for non-Media Categories).
    5. Browse to locate the tab-delimited file you want to upload, then click Upload now.

Adding a new child variation to an existing parent product that you did not create

  1. Search for the ASIN for the parent/child listing in a variation family. The parent listing appears with Parent under the ‘parentage’ column. If there are existing child variations, they are displayed with Child under the ‘parentage’ column.
  2. For existing child variations created by you, you can use the Edit button to edit information.
  3. If you searched for an ASIN created by another Seller, click Sell Yours, if the child variation you want to add is already listed under the parent SKU. Provide the QuantityPrice andCondition to add your offer.
  4. Click Add to add a new child variation to the variation family and use the editable columns to provide required information and then click Save.
  5. Repeat step 4 to add more child variations.
  6. You can use the Edit or Delete button to edit/delete the newly added variation.
  7. Click Generate Template to get a pre-filled inventory file template, which you can upload to add the new variations.
    Note: Important Note: The template generated through the wizard might not be ready for submission. Please use the Check My File feature to identify any missing attributes that might still be needed in order for you to successfully submit the new variations through the generated template.

Reassigning a child to a new parent

  1. Delete the child product (removes its relationship to the parent). Follow the instructions provided in the How can I delete specific product listings, or replace all my listings.
  2. Re-add the child product, replacing the old value in its Parent SKU field with the SKU of the new parent.
  3. Validate and upload the completed inventory template.

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