Thursday, October 19, 2017

AMAZON AutomateD Pricing relative to the BOX Price

Automate Pricing:

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Automate Pricing allows you to quickly update prices across a large portfolio of products, without spending a lot of time to make updates listing by listing.
Move fast: Pricing rules change your prices automatically in response to events like Buy Box or lowest price changes. 
Stay competitive: Sharper prices improve visibility of your offers 
Take control: You can view all price changes in the last 30 days on your repriced listings, and update, pause, or delete your rules at any time 
Work less: Automating some decisions gives you more time to focus on other work. 

Examples of pricing rules you can create include:
  • "Match the Buy Box"
  • "Beat lowest FBA price by $0.10"
  • "Stay $1 above the lowest price"
  • How do I get started?

    Define the rule parameters

    You can control what price you want to compare to, where you want to stay relative to that price, and when the rule is - and isn't - applied.

    Choose SKUs

    Choose the SKUs you want to automatically reprice using this new pricing rule

    Set minimum and maximum prices

    We require that you set a minimum and maximum price for each SKU, to protect your business

    Start repricing

    Once you've selected a SKU and made sure there's a minimum and maximum price, you can start automatically repricing that SKU.

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