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THERMOMETER USAGE: forhead Function! Message Center

Message Center: From: iProvèn  Medical Ear Thermometer with Forehead Function - iProven DMT-489 - Upgraded Infrared Lens Technology for Better Accuracy×1  05/09 00:06:59

Hi Olga,

How are things going?

You should have received your iProvèn Dual Mode Thermometer (with the Order ID:113-2738160-3966610) by now. I want to follow up with you to ensure you've got it. If you haven’t received it, there is a link at the bottom to check for the status and contact us.

I like to share some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to get the most out of your iProvèn Dual Mode Thermometer.


FAQ 1 .  The device does not turn on. What can it be?

Answer: Are you sure the Battery protection lip is removed? This piece of plastic with green tip sticks out of the battery compartment at the back of the thermometer. Just pull it out and try again. If this does not work, please contact us.

FAQ 2 .  I get an inaccurate reading! What is wrong?

Answer: This can have several reasons. Maybe the device is defective. Just reply to this Email with your questions and you will receive an answer in 5 hours. But maybe there is another reason. The thermometer is tested in room temperature of 63°F to 77°F/ 17 ° C to 25°C. If the ambient temperature is below this range, you will get lower readings. If the ambient temperature is higher, the readings will be higher.

Why is this? Well, the ambient temperature influences skin temperature of the forehead. If, for example you would come from outside during a snowstorm, your skin temperature is much lower than when you just came from a sunbath. This is an extreme example, but the same effect applies to little temperature differences. A tip for when you are in doubt: You can simply check the room temperature by pointing the thermometer into open air and pressing the EAR-button. (You just revealed the extra function!). This device also measures the ambient temperature. If you notice that the temperature is out of the 63°F - 77°F range, you might want to cross check with the EAR-function.

FAQ 3.   How do I have to take the temperature correctly?

Answer: You can use it 2 ways:

1. Head mode: Cover the thermometer with the sensor cap. Start the Three Point measurement by pointing the sensor to one side of the forehead. Lightly touch the skin next to the eye and start holding the Head button. Keep holding the Head button and lightly touch the spot between the eyebrows and the other side of the forehead, next to the eye. The measurement is now completed and you can release the Head button. You can read the temperature from the screen.

2. Ear Mode: Take off the sensor cap and place the probe in the ear canal. Point the probe lens of the thermometer to the eardrum as if you were using a flashlight to light the eardrum. Press the EAR-Button once to get a measurement. Make sure to measure the eardrum and not the ear canal by gently pulling back the ear before and during the measurement. Pointing the sensor sideways in the ear canal would cause the sensor to focus on the ear canal in stead of the ear drum, this would give an inaccurate result. Try this 5 times, I'm sure you will get the hang of it.

FAQ 4 .  How accurate is an Ear Thermometer?

Answer: Based on a research study done by Marianne M. Nimah it is the most accurate way for core body temperature measurement. When properly performed of course.  VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure the Probe lens is CLEAN!  We chose for a coverless probe after asking our clients and our test lab came with this solution. However, when the probe lens is not clean, measuring results can vary. 

FAQ 5.  How do I clean the Thermometer?

Answer: A CLEAN PROBE LENS IS A MUST! The lens has to 'see' the eardrum. Earwax, hair or skin grease would be enough to get in the way and could produce an inaccurate outcome. Also for hygienic use it is required to keep the probe clean. Use a slightly damp cloth or a swab of cotton moistened with clean water to clean the thermometer probe lens before every use. In case you would like to disinfect the sensor probe you can use alcohol instead of water.

FAQ 6.   The Thermometer shows L or H in the display. What is going on?

Answer: This means that when you are using the head mode, the measured temperature is too low to show any results. When the temperature is below 89.6°F it displays "L", if it is above 109.2°F, it displays "H". If this occurs when the operating procedure is correct, please contact customer support by replying to this email, as something might be wrong with the device.

FAQ 7.   Why do I have to move the thermometer while measuring using the Head-mode?

Answer: As long as you keep holding the HEAD-button, the thermometer keeps measuring at a certain interval. The thermometer automatically takes the highest temperature and then calculates the correct body temperature by a very specific and thoroughly tested algorithm.

FAQ 8.  What if my head is wet?

Answer: This should not be much of a problem as long as the ambient temperature is within the range of 63°F to 77°F/ 17°C to 25°C. Wet skin usually cools down more quickly than dry skin.

FAQ 9  How can I switch the device from Celsius to Fahrenheit?

Answer: Hold the EAR-button for 8 seconds, right from the OFF-mode. After 4 seconds, the “M”-sign will appear. Ignore this and keep holding the button. After 8 seconds the 'F-sign' or 'C-sign' will appear. Release the EAR-button and press the EAR-button once again. The sign will change. Wait 5 seconds for the screen to go blank and you are good to go. The thermometer will save your preferred settings for next time you start using it.

FAQ 10 . How do I recall a temperature I took?

Answer: By holding the EAR-button for 5 seconds right from the off-mode, the 'M-sign' (M for memory) will appear. You then release the EAR-button and press the EAR-button again. You will see 1, followed by the last temperature taken. If you press the EAR button again, you will see 2, followed by the second last temperature taken, etc.

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