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Gals, How to Stop Attracting the Wrong Men – Once and for All - - Google Apps for UCLA Mail

How to Stop Attracting the Wrong Men – Once and for All - - Google Apps for UCLA Mail: "

“Why do I always attract the wrong men?”

If this is a question you agonize over, Olga…

…if you find

“Why do I always attract the wrong men?”

If this is a question you agonize over, Olga…

…if you find yourself getting sucked into one bad relationship after another – underappreciated, devalued, put down, controlled, mistreated, or, God forbid, abused – then I want you to pay very close attention to this email today.

I’m going to help you get to the bottom of why this happens, and what you can do to stop it once and for all…

But first, I need to clear up a huge misconception: You are actually not attracting the wrong men.

You are dating the wrong men. And there’s a big difference.

You see, every woman attracts good guys and bad guys.

The difference between a “High Value Woman” and a “Low Value Woman” isn’t that the “High Value Woman” never goes out on a date with a bad guy. She just stops dating him as soon as she sees the red flag.

Ask yourself this: When you notice warning signs early on with a man you’re dating, why do you choose to ignore them?

Is it because you don’t want to be alone? Or you’re worried you won’t find someone else? Or you don’t think you deserve any better?

You may not even know for sure what your reasons are yet.

But the fact remains: Although you can’t be faulted for attracting a bad man, when he shows you who he really is, you make the choice to allow him into your life.

“High Value Women” get really good at cutting off the wrong men early.

They don’t second-guess themselves: They know something isn’t right, they end it, and they move on quickly. They trust themselves to do this.

So, what does it take to trust yourself?

Well, in addition to paying attention to red flags, you also have to have confidence.

You have to believe:

“There are so many men out there who will cherish me. I don’t have to settle for this kind of bad treatment.”

“I refuse to get ‘comfortable’ and convince myself that this man is better than he actually is.”

“I am the most beautiful and wonderful person I have ever known…

…I love and respect myself so highly that I would rather be on my own and wait as long as it takes to find someone better than subject my amazing self to a man who doesn’t deserve me.”

Olga, if you don’t see yourself as the most wonderful person you’ve ever known…

…if you don’t believe that you deserve someone incredible…

…If the idea of being alone is scarier than being with someone who doesn’t deserve you, then you know what you need goes deeper than dating tips and techniques.

The truth is, you can’t get other people to see your value – until you believe in your value yourself.

The trick here is not stopping yourself from attracting bad men.

(You’re an attractive woman, Olga – you can’t help who’s going to notice you!)

It’s learning to see the red flags, and then refusing to allow bad men into your life.

It’s having confidence that’s so strong, and so deep, that you wouldn’t dare let a man who’s not worthy get into a relationship with you.

And in order to do that, you first need to change the relationship you have with yourself.

I’ve created a powerful process that can help you do this in as little as 5 days. The best part is, I’ll be your partner and we’ll make it happen together…

Click here to learn how

Your coach,
Matt xx

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