Thursday, September 07, 2017

Five Medicinal BENEFITS OF 5 Major OILS To USE on A regular Basis

The 3 Biggest Essential Oil Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them): Taking CARE OF MY FAMILY

There are 50 EOs.

Unveiling 5 EOS here: The King of OILS is Frankincense, contains alphapinin (for meditation and prayer. The best all around oil is great for the skin. rejuvenants your skin.

USE Topically, internally as well.

Grsat for inflammation, for the BRAIN, and Immune Related ISSUES. ARE SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: So the KEY here is Education

2. LAVENDER: #1 selling EO in America; 


great for wounds, sunburns, cuts. 


Good for releaving stress; reduces cortisol levels.

c. diffuse lavender, calming oil for the BRAIN

#3 is LEMON OILS: great cleanser of the body

Helps support drainage (bitter orange, or lemon peel) supports immunity, and is

c. a great household cleaner:

#4. PEPPERMINT EO, contains menthol, relieves naturally (2 drops each, on the neck and temples) to reduce muscle ache.

B. Used as an ENERGIZER (the 2PM coma, tiredness), take 10 deep breath in your sinuses:

c. It helpes sooth digestive ISSUES; is the GO TO OIL for indigestions.

#5 called TEA TREE OIL AKA meluca OIL! Antibacterial

2. In public restrooms, cleansing down countertops (+vinegar) has anti-mold properties; against ring WORM.

b. Tuck It In the Medicine cabinet

With honey mixed is a good FACIAL MASK, gets rid of pimples.

I am confident and HAVE the Proper Formal Training:, being a leader in my space in EOs.


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