Saturday, August 05, 2017

Enjoy Today's Interview With SILVA on Intuition, Day 1 Of Meditation

Good evening dear Meditation students, Tonight it's time to treat yourself to more deep relaxation. Unwind from the day with a relaxing bath and cozy up into some comfy clothes to enjoy today's interview and evening meditation: Watch Now:

and click here: Only available 48 hours. Click here to access today's interview with Laura Silva here. We talk about becoming aware and how to activate your intuition while you sleep. When you do this, you can get insight into things that may be troubling you in life. It's a great way to reduce your stress.

Here are a couple highlights from today's interview: A technique on how to activate your intuition. (17:29) Why you shouldn't waste your energy on negative thinking. (45:48) Let’s finish off your day with the Complete Body Rest meditation with Elisha Goldstein from Meditation Studio app.

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