Sunday, February 12, 2017

REFLEXOLOGY: Ce se întâmplă dacă prinzi un cleşte de rufe de lobul urechii!

Secrets: What if pliers laundry catch earlobe! Reflexology alternative medicine technique is year involves the application of pressure to Areas of Their body by pressing with the thumb, index finger, or the entire hand. This method of treatment is based on a system Comprising all the reflex zones of the body.

In this case we have talking about stimulating earlobes by pressing.  The ear is one of the most Used Areas in Reflexology That would Comprising six reflex points communicate with different parts of the body.

If you do not have time or money to get into the hands of a professional, Reflexology Techniques Some you-can try on Their own.  Dr. Richard Randig, physician reflexologist illustrates the technique earlobes great incentive for Therapeutic Purposes.

The first step is to sit on a comfortable chair.  Touch and palpated fingertips outer ear contour Several times.  Focus on whole body and try to see if pinching the ear lobe Engages Symptoms of pain or discomfort in other parts of the body.

Press lightly on the line Every point disposed along the length of the ear (as in the diagram Shown Above), and focused on a single area of ​​choice.

If you plan to stimulate all Reflexology points in hand, keep pressing for five seconds for each stimulated area Before moving on.  Repeat five times Before moving to the other ear.  If you focus only on one area, keep pressing for about 30 seconds without interruption.

Engineering clamp machine operates in the same manner;  grip pliers in turn by each of the Reflexology points for five seconds, or you focus only on one area.  Pressing earlobes of can relieve headaches, while stimulating other points on the outer ear disposed of can cure stomach pain, sinus, back and shoulders.

It is important to note That Reflexology is a medically proven method for curing chronic pain or other Symptoms of illness.  Opinions Divided is on the Effectiveness of Reflexology;  Some strongly support while the patient's That helped Them Permanently escape the pain, others say They did not feel any change.  Moreover, Reflexology Those skilled in CAN put more emphasis on certain centers depending on Their experience.
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