Sunday, December 18, 2016

THE DREAM OF THE WORRIOR; Declare a War against all LIES We Have Learned; empowr


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who is living your life? Is it the real you who is dreaming all that? Reclaim your won divinity, own authenticity, unelarn the lies, so come back to life which is TRUTH The TOLTEC, the dream of the second attention. You rebel!The society is ruled by LIES. The dream of HADES the truth is in the INTENT of the symbols. the judgement, the punishment, fear is the KING of the underworld, created by millions of people. Fear of the TRUTH, delivered to our children. THE DREAM OF THE FIRST ATTENTION. AMITOTE (Nahuatl). Humans cast spells on people they love, to make them obey. We become possessed by LOVE, symbols that want to take our head and control us.
Recover the integrity of the SELF. To recover my personal freedom to do what I REALLY WANT TO DO!
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