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Premium Blog: Slovakian Traditional food - Traditional Easter Meal
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Seller Information; Despite the fact that the potato pancakes - this Belarusian cuisine, it has long been a favorite dish of many Russians. Even those who are sitting on a diet sometimes allow themselves to fry pancakes without using eggs, so pancakes or pancakes can be prepared even to those who hold the post.

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Paska – Easter Cake/Bread
The name came from Jewish feast called pesach and from the Greek version of the word – pascha, which stands for celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

White cake Paska is baked on Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday mornings and together with eggs, ham, sausages, cheese and other foods is sanctified in the church. Preparation and consumption of Paska had a popular ritual nature – its size and successful baking symbolized good future. It is a tradition of Eastern Slovaks.
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