Thursday, December 01, 2016

FACIAL MADE AT HOME; the face mask that blurs wrinkles and skin tone!

Secrets: the face mask that blurs wrinkles and skin tone!: "

This is a good mask for all skin types, the mask that I know for years, in times when essential oils were not known to us, especially among ordinary people without much money.

I know the recipe from a friend, and for its preparation you need the following:

- A spoonful of honey

- Two raw egg yolks

- A tablespoon of olive oil

- A teaspoon of sweet mustard

To prepare the masks mix well honey, egg yolks and oil until smooth. Thus obtained mixture to warm it a little steam bath, then add the teaspoon of sweet mustard stirring constantly.

First apply a layer mask that leave him 5 minutes, then apply another one over first.

Allow around 5 minutes after we wash the face first with warm water and finally with cold water.

This recipe it will tone the skin and, if used regularly, will remove wrinkles!"

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