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15 Ways To Appease Heartburn Without PRILOSEC!

Secrets: 15 Ways To appease heartburn!: "Burns gastroesophageal (heartburn) is, in fact, acid reflux, ie part of the digestive juices that are normally in the stomach, make their way into the esophagus.

Stomach acid causes burns so strong and painful that sometimes people think they have had a heart attack.

Burns are often associated with other symptoms: an acid taste in your mouth, worsening pain from bending forward or back to bed, nausea, intestinal gas, burning to swallow, cough during the night.

Eating fish measure is the most common cause of burns.

You can call the antacids such as ranitidine, cimetidine or other allopathic preparations that help with digestion, but they only mask the symptoms.

Eat, instead, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar diluted in a glass of water with small inghitiuri before meals is a very effective remedy, experts believe in traditional medicine.

Try out a few tips to soothe burns, by removing the causes:

1. Change your lifestyle and not compete measure when you eat. Eat natural foods, take life easy, because stress can cause increased production of stomach acid.

2. Eliminate fatty meats, fried foods and dairy products from the diet, which remain a long time in the stomach and promotes excess production of acid. Some people think that milk helps with burns, but actually stimulates the secretion of stomach acid, the content of protein, fat and calcium.

3. Do not blame spices, especially natural ones. There are people who can eat spicy foods (especially chili) and are not affected by heartburn.

4. Eat oranges and lemons, let stomach to decide whether to accept them. As is known, citrus fruits are acidic and becomes alkaline in the environment inside the body.

5. Never mind candy and chocolate, especially those containing peppermint. Peppermint acts as a relaxant effect on the lower esophageal sphincter, this little "valve" that keeps the acid in the stomach and often prevents you from overeating. Beer, alcoholic drinks and tomatoes have the same effect. This relaxation is noticeable especially pregnant women not only increases the pressure in your abdomen baby, but esophageal sphincter is relaxed and hormones that occur in pregnancy.

6. Give up caffeine and drinks containing it - coffee, tea, cola, energy.

7. Allow to cool hot drinks , eat them warm. Do not drink very cold.

8. Avoid carbonated drinks, all those little bubbles have the effect of relaxing the sphincter. Drink water, but not during, at least 30 minutes before and at least one hour after, to not disrupt production of acid that promotes digestion.

9. Breathe fresh air, stop smoking, avoid around those who smoke.

10. The stomach can be compared with a tube of toothpaste, if you press the middle of it, some of the content will come out on the end which is open. A roll of fat around the stomach digestive tract will press on, even as we press a tube of toothpaste. But it will not come out than acid. Allow more relaxed belt, replace it with braces. It is good to avoid ladies clothing and underwear too tight.

11. To lift something, bend your knees will not bend, not to compress the stomach. This maneuver is recommended and if you have trouble column.

12. If you have heartburn and gastroesophageal taking medication, consult your doctor. Go to the doctor if you have other symptoms besides burns: bloody stools or black vomit blood or like coffee grounds, dizziness, chest pain associated with shortness of breath or radiating in the shoulder, neck, jaw or arm (this may indicate a heart attack).

13. "Little and often" should be the rule. Do not drink water or other liquids during meals, as I said. Eat at least three hours before bedtime.

14. Do not lie down , gravity does not help in this case.

15. Tilt the bed and lift her head using either a brick or a flat wood, but do not expect to have a pile of pillows soothing burns, because they can only bend at the waist."

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