Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The education, 4 dimensional education, mental health, memory, history Daily is out! Edition of 22 November 2016 - olgalazin@gmail.com - Gmail

The education, 4 dimensional education, mental health, memory, history Daily is out! Edition of 22 November 2016 - olgalazin@gmail.com - Gmail:

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Four Dimensional Education Equips You With All Skills
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These 62 Websites Will Make You Incredibly Smarter – The Mission

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medium.com - “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” — Albert Einstein Learning should not end after formal education. Lifelong learning, the ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivat...
Most Students Don’t Know When News is Fake, Stanford Study Finds

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John Pollock

wsj.com - Preteens and teens may appear dazzlingly fluent, flitting among social-media sites, uploading selfies and texting friends. But they’re often clueless about evaluating the accuracy and trustworthine...
Online Master of Business Administration #online #education #degrees – Degree

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degree.remmont.com - An online master s in business administration is a two-year program that offers a comprehensive education in business and management. Students enrolled in this program will take a variety of genera...

What is Corporate Law? (with pictures) – mobile wiseGEEK #online #education – law

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law.remmont.com - Among the various specialties within the law profession exists the field of corporate law. Unlike criminal or trial law, corporate law is largely focused with practice outside the courtroom. In gen...
The Power of Making Mistakes - Learning by Failing

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crondose.com - Let’s take a step back in time back to my first semester of Computer Science grad school. Stepping into my first class I was filled with nervous excitement. The class was taught by Dr. Gelfond, one...

DrOlga M. Lazin

Editor's note

A global type of Education comprises life skills also, not only test taking skills. Also Memory exercises, and a new curriculum. History is NOT Supposed To Repeat Itself, if students learn and understand the good things humanity has created, and how to defeat malvolent dictators, and trumpism around the world, as well as corporatism! Decentralized administrative powers can help regions of the world develop. See more info on how to do these; http://www.olgalazin.com


How To Quit Your Band [PTfIB]

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WITS Video 2016 | Free to Be

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Meta-Four Houston

Zeze school drama(2)

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Crowd loses it during little girl's dance moves

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Idiots Of The Internet Pt 11

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We Are Legion


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Así se salva un trago.

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Lesson plan brands president elect a racist

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Going To Win

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The Benefits Of Bringing Mindfulness In To The Classroom

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Linda Black

huffingtonpost.com.au - When you were going through your Year 12 exams, how did you manage your stress? Perhaps you felt snowed under with overwhelming anxiety over the state of your post-school future, or maybe the press...
Finland has one of the world's best education systems. Four ways it beats the US

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Study Abroad

uk.businessinsider.com - Finland is an innovative country when it comes to education, and its innovation yields results. It's consistently one of the highest performing developed countries on the Program for International ...
UK education expert dismisses 'Minecraft' as a 'gimmick'

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How to increase their vocabulary - Your Modern Family

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How do you solve a problem like over-age enrolment?

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Academic staff should receive mental health training – report

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irishtimes.com - Obligatory training for academic staff and proper peer support should be put in place by all higher education institutions to help students with mental health difficulties, a new report recommends....
8 Great Educational Podcasts for Kids

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cultofpedagogy.com - As we seek to enhance instruction with technology, one tool we might not think of is podcasts. These can be used in flipped classrooms or blended learning models in the same way you might use video...
Teaching Kids in Nature May be our Best Hope for the Future

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How to Battle the Technological Assault on Compassion

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What's changed: Ten reflections on ten years of technology use in education

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23andMe Education Grant Program 2016 - 23andMe

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Pacific Statistics

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MS Tech Integration

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Havva Bozan (مدرس)

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A new recipe for school lunch: Madison's public schools are changing what and how kids eat

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host.madison.com - Chef Justin Johnson spent weeks developing a recipe for Korean-style chicken tacos with jicama slaw. He balanced the vegetables, grains and protein. He checked the costs. He tweaked the soy, sesame...
The latest news from Wirral Met College

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Paul Smyth

liverpoolecho.co.uk - Wirral Met College students have been celebrating after the College gained Erasmus+ funding, which means that 20 Travel and Tourism students can benefit from gaining excellent experience working in...
Wine Additives: Chaptalization and Acidification Are Misunderstood | Wine Folly

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Five Minute Mindfulness - The Art of LOVE>
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