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'via Blog this'MSNBC host Joe Scarborough has been 'advising' Trump behind the scenes
Nov 21, 2016 11:05am PST by Hunter
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Oh, national "news" media. What the hell are you even for?

On November 19, The New York Times reported that Trump “still maintains the routine that sustained him during the campaign,” which includes “often seek[ing] out” advice from [MSNBC host Joe Scarborough]. CNN media reporter Brian Stelter referenced the Times report on the November 20 edition of CNN’s Reliable Sources, stating that Scarborough has been giving Trump advice.” Scarborough failed to address the allegations during the November 21 edition of Morning Joe.
Scarborough has repeatedly attacked those who claimed he was supporting Trump on-air. In November, Scarborough lashed out at the “really disgusting” people who suggested he favored Trump, adding that he doesn’t want viewers to believe “that anybody [on Morning Joe] is rooting for Donald Trump because we’re not.”

Outstanding. Just outstanding. So Joe Scarborough has been giving Trump regular advice, and the MSNBC appendage has nothing to say about this beyond his past attacks on people who would suggest such things.

Why are we even surprised? From CNN's installation of Corey Lewandowski as resident Trump defender to MSNBC tossing their ethical standards into a burning garbage bin to allow one of their hosts to act as undisclosed adviser to Trump, the networks are doing their level best to make their Trump coverage as crooked as Trump's campaign.

But all right, now we presumably have to wait for MSNBC to "address" this patently asinine breach of what used-to-be-ethics. Let's watch: this ought to be grand.

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